Flickr Friday: SaltAndPepper

#SaltAndPepper – It’s Friday and this our #FlickrFriday Theme. One does not go simply without the other, they are the Yin and Yang of cuisine, the black and white of taste. Those tiny grains and crystals on our table can inspire us everyday and also make us think about colors, black and white, a band in the 80’s and your Dad’s hair… Because salt and pepper rock!

Twitter Tuesday: Hair

Hair, beautiful hair! It moves with your body, it follows your every movement and rhythm of your life. When your hair moves, it’s like a dance. It can be short, long, thin as air, dense with a lot of volume, curly or straight. Your hair is a part of you, so show it to us!

FlickrFriday: Surprise!

Surprise! it’s Friday and this is our #FlickrFriday Theme. We want you to surprise us with surprising shots. Interpret whatever this theme means to you: it could be the astonishment in the face of your friend when it’s her/his birthday surprise; it could be the reaction to an unexpected punchline to a joke; it could even be your expression of surprise when hearing good news!

Twitter Tuesday: The Sleepy selection

We had a lot of fun exploring your contributions for #TwitterTuesday! It was easy to be hypnotized by your great #Sleepy shots. We saw people, cute babies, and animals yawning, sleeping, napping etc. Looking at your photos was like a little voice saying: “go to bed, lie down, close your eyes, and relax…” Thanks to all of your great images, we had a good time!

TwitterTuesday: Sleepy

#TwitterTuesday: Sleepy | When you look at someone sleepy who is yawning, like in our announcement photo, it’s contagious and hypnotic! Your eyes get heavy, your shoulders and body start to relax and you wish you could lie down and nap for five minutes…

Flickr Friday: The JetLag Selection

Congratulations and thank you for your great contributions for #FlickrFriday! We felt jet lagged, we lost all notions of time, we traveled with you between sleep and awakening, trying to keep our eyes open. We saw the world’s shape blurred and vague. Now we all need a good night’s sleep!