Flickr Friday: Upside Down

See the world #UpsideDown for #FlickrFriday! Have you ever hung upside down on the monkey bars on the school playground? Play with reflects, turn your image, your camera and your head in reverse and show us all your topsyturvy creativity.

Flickr Friday: Matrix

How are you going to interpret the #FlickrFriday theme? Will you enter the matrix with Neo and follow the white rabbit? Take your shot from today but beware: certain Agents might watch you…

Twitter Tuesday: Eyes

Look deep into those eyes, what do you see? Eyes are our natural lenses, capturing the world in a glance, showing us the beauty in the world, between every blink. Share your best #Eyes shot from your Flickr account on Twitter to @flickr for #TwitterTuesday

Twitter Tuesday : Space

#Space: The final frontier. The ultimate destination for human kind. Go boldly where no other photographer has gone before on this #TwitterTuesday, and show us your best shots from your archives!

Flickr Friday: SaltAndPepper

#SaltAndPepper – It’s Friday and this our #FlickrFriday Theme. One does not go simply without the other, they are the Yin and Yang of cuisine, the black and white of taste. Those tiny grains and crystals on our table can inspire us everyday and also make us think about colors, black and white, a band in the 80’s and your Dad’s hair… Because salt and pepper rock!