If the Flickr office was its own country, I think I would be the head of the all-powerful Interior Minstry and control the Totally-Not-a-Secret Police. […]

Newbie’s Guide to Flickr

My news alerts picked up on Wired’s Compiler blog and Cybernet News pointed to Webware’s Newbie’s Guide to Flickr which provides a great overview and […]


HP recently sponsored a group called Resolutionaries with an invitation to Flickr members to contemplate what "resolution" means to them. They also created a showcase […]

Playing with Food

Amy Sedaris, comedian, actor, and author of "I Like You – Hospitality Under the Influence", knows about entertaining. Food, for example, is for more than […]

Downtime tonight

And we’re back up and running! UPDATE@12:45pm: In a stunning reversal, it now appears that we’ll be returning slightly late, rather than somewhat early. Our […]

A Key Benefit of Vista

One good reason to consider an upgrade to Vista, Microsoft’s just-released upgrade to Windows: the default set of desktop wallpapers it ships with include several […]

Link roundup

A jaguar completely covered in post-it notes as a prank (see also this Flickrcentral thread). Flickr user Mr. Gillette of Grand Rapids, Michigan covered the […]