Flickr Friday: #Dilemma

Sometimes we have to face to difficult choices, which we call it dilemma.

In this week’s Flickr Friday we invite you to take your best shot for this theme #Dilemma.

Flickr Friday: #Superman

Almost everyone dreams of having a superpower that lets us do what others can’t: flying super fast, moving heavy things without toughing them, or maybe just saving the world. We may not a superman or superwoman in real world, but we can create the images with our cameras.

Flickr Friday: The Flickering Lights Selections

Our #FlickrFriday theme for last week was #FlickeringLights, and thanks to all of you that we’ve got so many great submissions. You showed us so many creative images and magics of lights, from beautiful light bulbs in the night, or shining rays reflected from water.