Flickr Friday: Electricity

It’s not only one kind of energy that light the bulbs, it is one of the most important thing to drive the world. Even our life also needs some kind of #Electricity to keep us moving on. It is the theme for #FlickrFriday this week.

Twitter Tuesday: The Analog Selections

The #TwitterTuesday theme for this week is #Analog, and we’ve got a lot of lovely and creative images from all of you. Some of the photos convey a sense of nostalgia, make us to remember the wonderful old times of the past.

Flickr Friday: Mist and Fog

Sometimes the air is so thick that we could not see through it clearly, and everything just becomes blurred. But sometimes it creates a special beauty just because everything is blurred. It the theme for #FlickrFriday this week: #MistAndFog.