Flickr Friday: #BehindTheLens

Usually we are more focused on things in front of our lens. In this week’s #Flickr Friday we invite you to a challenging theme: What are the things #BehindTheLens when we take a photo?

Flickr Friday: #Happiness

3/20 is the International Day of Happiness established by UN. We, together with all other organizations, invite you to do anything to improve the well-being and happiness of human beings, including take your best photo for the theme #Happiness, to celebrate it.

TwitterTuesday: #Phone

Thanks to the invention of it. Almost everybody has one, and using it doing almost everything, from chat to each other to things far more beyond. Virtually no one could live without it in the modern world. It is #Phone, the theme for this week’s #TwitterTuesday.

Flickr Friday: #Dilemma

Sometimes we have to face to difficult choices, which we call it dilemma.

In this week’s Flickr Friday we invite you to take your best shot for this theme #Dilemma.