Interesting …

The geniuses at FlickrLabs have been hard at work on many secret features which will be finding their way into version 1.0. One of the ones I’m most excited about it is the automated discovery of interesting images based on heavy duty analysis of user behaviour around the photos.

We just finished an update with the latest algorithm and I was pleased to find a ton of great photos that I’d never seen before in the top 100. Here are 15 photos from the top 50 that I’d never seen before:

Weathered DoorjumpGold Autumn QuintessenceGoth Girl Superheroher in the waves (2)
her in the wavesAnkle Biterat the rice fieldAutumnal morningIntermezzo
reflection on treesTyre Tracks In The Sandmantis fuThe Symmetry of Nature and ManCommonplace

Of course, there were a lot more great images that I had seen before – this sample is skewed by my personal browsing history. But, just like the revelation of related tags, it’s fascinating to see the wisdom of crowds at work.