Assorted Monday links

dualities #30 (last)When I posted about the cameratoss tag and group a few months ago, it was already a craze — but the meme keeps spreading  Just this weekend it made the Washington Post’s Sunday magazine (on the cover even!) as well as Der Spiegel. Congrats, clickykbd and crew!

In other news, MAKE Magazine‘s MAKEbot, a bot you can add to your AIM buddy list, can now retrieve the lasest photos from MAKE over IM – neat!

And last but not least, a non-Flickr but photo related link: Jill Greenberg’s portfolio site. You have to — HAVE TO — click through, find the set of monkey photos and look at them all. I can’t link directly because it is dumb flash, but WOW – they are amazing! She got them in the studio, did their hair, and got the lights just right. It is profoundly weird and delightful!