Chile Protesta

IMG_0628 Protesta Estudiantil IMG_0636 U S A C H Marcha por los presos Mapuches nuestros jóvenes U S A C H

I am online all the time, subscribe to the New York Times on Sunday and read the Economist, usually cover-to-cover, about every other week, but I still get a lot of my “news” from Flickr.

Via Vivirlatino, the student protests continued in a second round in Chile (AP story) making it rough for (new-ish) President Michelle Bachelet. A search for ‘Chile protesta’ turns up a huge number of fantastic photos:

let's go girls santiago, protesta martes 30 de mayo de 2006 anhelo. MG 8899 el oportunismo del chileno love at war

But by far my favorite one is this. Check out his backpack. If you can’t see it at this size, click on the image and read the note on the photo’s page.

Marcha por los presos Mapuches

¡La revolución será Flickrizado!