The Miraculous Gravy Girls

Lisa and Lucy Stephen and Alice

Alice is a poopy head

“Ever since Fletcher Gravy told us his wife was pregnant, we have been suporting them through the whole pregnancy with all the ups and downs. There used to be a thread in the old TBG, but it’s gone, it has moved to the new one. Here.”*eSThER*

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is sharing in the rich tapestry of our member’s daily lives. From that first ultrasound image, to birth and then on to that oh-so important first Halloween photo, we here at Flickr are thankful for all that you choose share with us.

You can view more photos of the beautiful Gravy girls and read the story of their birth in this set.

Photos from Fletcher Gravy. Suggested by *eSThER* in Flickr Central — if there’s something you think we should feature on FlickrBlog, please feel free to share.