Join in the game!

At FlickrHQ, we’re addicted to Noticings, a game from Tom Taylor and Tom Armitage. It’s a game you play with your photos, Flickr account, tags and geotags. Noticings is a game of noticing things around you. Things that you stumble across when out and about, that are interesting or out of the ordinary. You earn different points for the types of things you notice, like the first noticing in a neighborhood or a typo on a sign.

Here’s a view of the Financial District noticings in San Francisco. Hmmmm, looks like Kevin’s been busy down here!

Noticings Places

He’s noticing things around him by photographing them, uploading the photos to Flickr, tagging them with the tag noticings and geo-tagging the location. Then, once a day every day at 15:00 GMT, the previous day’s noticings are pulled into their site and points are awarded. yay! The dashboard tallies the noticings and even has a nifty timer to let you know when the next import happens.

Noticings Dashboard

Be sure to check all the rules when you sign up by authorizing your Flickr account. People aren’t noticings (I had to be reminded of that); sometimes different things are highlighted for more points (red was big for a while). Don’t be a spoilsport and just notice up your ‘explored’ images (boo!), it’s not so much about self-promotion as it is playing a fun game with other Flickr folks by noticing the small and large things in the world around you.

Noticings User

What makes the game fun is everyone’s different take on what a noticing is – be creative! Have fun! Hey, there is also an unofficial group on Flickr, too. yay!

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Noticings is an application from TomT.