Flickroom: Chat, browse, upload, share!


Flickroom is an application that brings Flickr to your desktop, allowing you to browse and search photographs of yours, your contacts, and the Flickrverse. Your photos never looked better against a black background! Once you authenticate Flickroom to your account, you can not only manage your own content but you can also leave comments on great photos or make them your favorites.

But one of the neatest things about Flickroom is that you can chat, live, with other Flickr members while you’re viewing fantastic content!

Flickroom Chat

There’s more, too. This application allows you to upload photos to your photostream. You can tag and set permissions on your photos as well as add them to sets and to groups.

Flickroom Upload

Tweet tweet! You can also push your content out to your Twitter account, with the magic of Flickr 2 Twitter, or post to Facebook.

Flickroom Twitter

This application runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux with a host of other features including upcoming events, language support, the world map, access to group photos and discussions and real-time notifications. There’s a companion website, too, for when you’re on the go. Give it a whirl – see you in the chatroom!

Application by _Flickroom_, found in the App Garden.