Mount Field National Park, Tasmania

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Snow Gums

Tasmania    Athrotaxis cupressoides    Mountain Ash

Tasmania    Richea padanifolia

Tall Trees Walk

Lady Barron Falls  20090809-30-Base of Horseshoe Falls  Mount Field National Park

Lady Barron Falls    Russell Falls


Ranging from alpine moorland to rainforest, Mount Field National Park is one of two oldest national parks of Tasmania, Australia. In addition to the famous Horseshoe Falls, Russell Falls, and Lady Barron Falls, you can also marvel at tall swamp gums and tree ferns or try spotting one of the resident animals.

To delve deeper into Tasmania and all its natural wonders, start by visiting the Tasmania groups.

Photos from Gerald Verdouw, Wakx, dmmaus, dracophylla, Snelvis, Dylan Toh, Roger T Wong, hazmcm, Izac21, kth517, and Davids_ Photography_Au.

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