London, empty

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On Christmas morning IanVisits got up early and took pictures of an almost empty London.


London is never silent, not even at 3am, but on Xmas morning, it is almost silent. The background drone of aircraft approaching Heathrow has gone, and away from main roads, the streets lack the sound of car tyres rolling over tarmac.

Houses of Parliament


Trafalgar Square

Heading home, also a sound you never really hear now – the pealing of church bells. Not just coming from a single church you are nearby, but from all over the city as the sound carries far further than usual and surrounds you from all sides. Magical.

See more streets of London, sans people, in his full set. Quotes from his blog post.

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Sailing high up in the sky

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Spin Broom

 my fuel-efficient morning commute girl how you get so high

The moon was lost behind a cloud,
When something weird went by,
I tried to see it going,
It flew so fast and high,
I don’t believe in witches,
But that is what I saw,
Sailing high up in the sky
On a broom stick made of straw. […]
Unknown Author

Photos from ARTommy, merry.happy., Maryaneee, rebelshootsfan, eliza graumlich (grael), jillian nicole., and Lime Fly Photography.

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NASA: 2Explore

Soyuz TMA-03M Rollout


Aurora Australis and the Southeast Tasman Sea Near Southern New Zealand



Did you know that besides their main account, nasa hq, the NASA has a Flickr account completely dedicated to space exploration? NASA: 2Explore brings us space phenomena the astronauts aboard the ISS can see, witness daily life aboard the station, preparations and debriefings of members of the ISS crew, and much more.

Take a look for yourself, or delve right into one of the missions that took place during the past years.

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2012 Daybreak

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In his lovely video, undertheturnpike takes us for a walk with his dog on the daybreak of 2012.

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A new year

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"Happy New Year Everyone!"


Life is like a pack of cards... Jump #48 of #100

Photos from mediman30, joeribosma, newbietam, and Olivia Bell.

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