The Trip that visits the world

Little Tripper

TT Kirkwall sunset


jnicholls357 had an idea: He wanted to send his beautiful, vintage Olympus Trip 35 on a journey, a journey to visit like-minded photographers and see the world. So in April 2010 he founded The traveling Trip 35, and within a month, the itinerary was agreed on. The tour commenced on the 28th of May 2010.

Fast forward two years and three months, with New Zealand and Australia being the last two stops before the Trip 35 reaches its Canadian homeland again, the project is nearing it’s conclusion, allowing you to trace back its footsteps and witnessing the camera’s final arrival in the group pool.

Photos from ǝɹɐɥoʎpuɐ, gray1720, and Cassio Hui. If you also have an amazing idea like this, create your own group and invite your Flickr friends to a collaboration.

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Thrills on Pulpit Rock


Every year, thousands of hikers take a two-hour ascent at the southern tip of Norway to reach a destination called Preikestolen. Known in English as Pulpit Rock, the 1,982-foot-tall (604 meters) granite cliff offers one of the most spectacular views of an epic landscape carved by Ice Age glaciers. Visitors enjoy an overlook unobstructed by railings, so many of them scoot to the edge for a thrilling experience above the scenic fjord, Lysefjord, and boats passing by.

See more photos of Pulpit Rock in Norway.

Photos from Saffron Blaze, zapica, Madame Knipse, kalevkevad, and Rob Minson.

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Happy ‘RoidWeek 2012



Flickr is home to many instant film fans across the globe, and one of the biggest instant film events of the year is happening right now: Polaroid Week! It’s when everyone comes together, sharing their magnificent, impressive, beautiful work in a week long celebration.

You can already enjoy many stunning contribution in the 2012 group pool, and we are sure that there will be much more to come in the next couple of days. Enjoy ‘RoidWeek 2012!

Photos from mikelanst, radoznala, Artful Magpie, and JL Pictures..

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Perspicuous Perseids

Perseid Meteor through the Milky Way..

Snowy Range Perseids Meteor Shower Perseid meteor over Sutro Tower, San Francisco Aug 13, 2012

Perseids 2012

2012 Perseid Meteors on Taylor Pass Colorado

Right on schedule, the night skies have been lighting up as the Earth passes through the debris of comet Swift-Tuttle. This year’s light show began on July 23rd and should produce beautiful meteor showers like these for another week.

Photos from Andrew Kumler, David Kingham, trophygeek, Rick Whitacre, and tmo-photo.

See more photos from this year’s Perseid showers.

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In Motion

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sequence  Nicolas Chayé

Galwas - Stall to Royale

sequence Pelican Island flying sequence

Dick - Gap

SLRs and many modern cameras with their capability to shoot multiple frames per second are a great tool to freeze motion. They make it easy to capture the flight of a bird or your friend’s jump into the ocean. With the help of a little photo editing, the Sequence Photography group showcases impressive results of motion come to life in a single frame.

Photos from Guillermo Orjuela, bobschock, Laurent Filoche, tim_parker, rhys logan, White_Guardian_Angel, and Bojd.

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A Sunday of Hiccups

A certain photo sharing website is having a little bit of a temper tantrum on this foggy Sunday evening here in San Francisco. We’re investi-ma-gating, and I’ll update this post and the forum as we have news.

Update: Donuts were procured, and the weekend calm has been restored!
Update 2: Aw nuts, spoke too soon! More soothing required.
Update 3: And we’re all peachy again. Again.

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Finding a new species on Flickr

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Beautiful lacewing - Semachrysa sp. - IMG_0161 merged copy

A common use of Flickr is to find photos. But what about finding a new species of insect?

Insect biosystematist Dr. Shaun Winterton discovered a photo on Flickr of a green lacewing taken by Hock Ping Guek (known as Kurt on Flickr). The insect was not identifiable as a known species to Winterton, and after collaborating with the photographer, a specimen was collected in the Malaysian rainforest. Further examination showed that this indeed was a new species. The discoverers named it Semachrysa jade. The discovery was published in ZooKeys and the abstract reads:

A charismatic new species of green lacewing discovered in Malaysia (Neuroptera, Chrysopidae): the confluence of citizen scientist, online image database and cybertaxonomy.

Photo from Kurt. You can read more in his blog Up Close with Nature or in ZooKeys Issue 214.

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Natural oddities paint the sky

Circumhorizon Arc


Iridescent Clouds

Rare phenomena, known as iridescent clouds, appear when sunlight strikes thin clouds in just the right way. Not everyone agrees on the names and definitions for these celestial happenings, and an assortment of terms label them like “fire rainbow” and “circumhorizontal arc.” Whatever you wish to call them, one thing stands true: Photographing them is worth it.

Taken by Flickr members Irargerich, truan, and justavessel, these sky snapshots capture clouds as they radiate a full spectrum of colors in the form of long streaks and faint wisps.

See more photos of cloud iridescence from Flickr members worldwide.

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Flooding in Manila

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20120807_flood in Metro Manila Muscle power over mehanical power



Heavy rains pounded the Philippines capital on Wednesday, prompting a new danger alert as emergency workers rushed food, water and clothes to almost one million people through streets turned into rivers after 11 straight days of monsoon downpour.Yahoo! News

Photos from Jenn Lie, REM (rembcc), PowerPee, and j.bringas; inspired by the gallery Flooding in Manila curated by Kevin.

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Curiosity has landed

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Mars Curiosity Landing Broadcast at Times Square

 MSL Model

Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) (201208050013HQ)

The Flickrverse was watching in anticipation, when Curiosity—the NASAs most advanced Mars rover to date—started its descent and touched down on Aeolis Paulus this morning.

While the fate of the jar of “lucky peanuts” at the Flight Director’s station at NASA’s JPL has not been confirmed, Curiosity already began its extensive task exploring the climate and geology of Mars and determining if the red planet ever could have supported life, ultimately planning for a human mission to the fourth planet in our Solar System.

Photos from navid j, Zachary Bailey, nasa hq photo, and ladycrumb.

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