Campsite nights: Tents in twilight

pink and blue cave 2086

Pofu Camp - Northern Circuit

Moonlight Landscape

...and then, suddenly, it happens!    Re-Energized    Camping Lake Moogerah    Weir Lake Trails

This photo set starts with Chuck Hilliard’s “pink and blue cave 2086” — an eye-catching shot of one stop in his excursion through the North Cascades. And after yearning for more glowing-tent pictures through Flickr explorations, we discovered terrific shots from other photographers who also keenly capture why camping is so invigorating, including this batch that covers scenery from Kilimanjaro of Tanzania and the Dolomites in Italy.

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Photos from Light of the Moon Photography, t3rmin4t0r, a galaxy far, far away…, Bubbari85, Twisted Reflex, kmatm, and Summit42.