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 ~ au Champs-Elysées ~ The Decisive Moment

long road ahead

Photos from Olivier Fox, Janey Kay, …Cecilia…, {peace&love♥}, Eduardo Acierno, all uploaded around the weekend.

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Frost-touched leaves

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2012-10-28 at 08-50-35

Early Morning Treasures

Frosted Leaves RHS Hyde Hall

Frosted Leaves

Sometimes it’s worth it to leave the warmth of a steaming kitchen, to pull on a pair of lined boots, to tramp out into the morning — all for a glimpse of a yard glazed in frost just before it melts away. But if you’re one of those that simply can’t be lured out of bed before the sun rises, there’s no better place to witness this phenomenon than from the comfort of your own desk.

Photos from harald walker, thruthelookingglass, EZTD, and maryshelsby.

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Sea scenes

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The poetic part of imports/exports  [Explored! Nov. 5, 2012]

Sea Sunset

sea of glitter

USS Barry navigates around Hurricane Sandy.   The Big Blue   120908-N-TX154-113   Baltic Sea Cruise (Denmark, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Sweden). Cruzeiro no Mar Báltico (Dinamarca, Finlândia, Rússia, Estonia e Suécia). Jul 2011

A selection of maritime photos, featuring marvelous images of the North Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Adriatic Sea, Baltic Sea, and Aegean Sea.

Photos from locura_amarilla, ►CubaGallery, marin.tomic, Official U.S. Navy Imagery, Mark L Edwards, U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos, and EBoechat.

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A scenic tour of Taiwan

Light Up the Candles

Super Moon with Taipei 101

You can touch clouds..? Mt. Hehuan 合歡山

12_06_足球_001   新北大橋   #768 小綠訪棉   筆柿柿餅

Beautiful scenes captured this year in Taiwan, including the rock formations of Yehliu Geopark, skyline of Taipei, vista of Mt. Hehuan, and scenes of nature and urban life in the cities of Kaohsiung and Hsinchu.

Photos from dinno19, Chih-Jan Fan, Vincent_Ting, jerrychen888, Fu-yi, John&Fish, and In the snap.

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Total solar eclipse in photos

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Cairns Eclipse 2012

Solar Eclipse - 14 November 2012


Partial Solar Eclipse   Total solar eclipse, far north Qld, Australia   solar eclipse shute harbor   Solar Eclipse 14.11.12

“A rare, complete solar eclipse dominated the northern Australian skyline on Wednesday, shrouding part of the country in complete darkness. It was the first such eclipse in Australia in 10 years and the last one expected until 2028.”The Sideshow on Yahoo! News

Photos from Matt D Marshall, unripegreenbanana, davidcampbellphotography, Grey Albatross, Triple2, squirrelfood, and Olga NZ.

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What a wonderful Diwali

Flower Market, Kolkata

Diwali greetings to all the flickr friends and members শুভ দীপাবলি / Happy Diwali / शुभ दीपावली

Let there be light !!

"The festival of lights is one of the most popular festival across India. Although legends say it is a Hindu festival, this is one festival which is celebrated across all communities in India. Everyone lights up their home, sweets are distributed to friends and family. Fireworks and loads of warmth and laughter are the high-points of this festival."

Above photos are just a snapshot of the Festival of Light. You can discover many more photos from this year’s celebrations throughout the Flickrverse.

Diwali photos from S.R.C, mraj october, pallab seth, and photo and quote from priyam.n.

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Venice flood

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riflessioni di alta marea

high water

acqua alta

San Marco Hi Tide

Venetians cope with seasonal floodwater often, but heavy rains from this year severely raised water levels so much that tourists were literally swimming at Venice’s main attraction, St. Mark’s Square. Despite having to endure inundated hotel lobbies and submerged walkways, a few Flickr members found ways to eloquently capture the swamped Italian city — even take a video of two rowers swiftly boating through the rain-swollen canals.

Explore Venice in groups and view photos of Venice Carnival 2012.

Photos from invitojazz, UGO CUTILLI FOTOGRAFO, black_wall, and _ Nemo _.

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Which way is up?

youre jumping off the edge and hoping you can fly. day 66 Untitled



I Have Fallen Out of Reality, Underwater Selfie

The world’s been turned upside down. Or are you the wrong way round? If you enjoy being perplexed, awed, and intrigued by the photos you see, try browsing through Flickr’s many surrealist groups.

Photos from holly henry, Dominik Schmitz, -Fearless-, Thomas Hole, Lovely Lo, and Suus Wansik.

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Weekend Samplr

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Noodle Shop 


 Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu & The Remarkables

Green With Envy

Photos from Just Juls▲, Masa.W, ~:pete:~, sweet distin, heather ~, Dr. Azzacov, and COWBOY 55, all uploaded this weekend.

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Steam noir

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resurface Street Apocrphya

Homeless Man on Steam Vent, Cleveland


street scene 1 Steamy Scene


See more black and white street photos with candid subjects in the group Street Photography Monochrome.

Photos from Armando Martinez, s@brina, JordyR, Mute*, donvucl, Gentle King, Mike Levy, and eudæmon.

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