Paris architecture: La Grande Arche de la Défense


Military Area

grande arche


Arche de la Défénce

While the Neoclassic Arc de Triomphe undoubtedly receives plenty of attention from tourists visiting France, this modern version of it symbolizes national humanity, rather than military triumphs, has been a part of the Parisian skyline since 1989. Danish architect Johann Otto von Spreckelsen designed the 110-meter-tall structure that required four years of construction until completion. Although the cubic monument located in the western district called La Défense isn’t easy to capture well because of its gargantuan size and minimalistic color, the featured photographers did a fantastic job of framing images of its architectural detail and surroundings.

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Photos from Martin ARGYROGLO, Swadri©, simon crase, julienmartlet, and SamFa.