Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands turns 75

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Juliana als moeder / Juliana as a mother

De oranjes op het balkon

an unexpected encounter

den Haag - Prinsjesdag 10 2007-09-18 Koningin Beatrix Hail to the Queen! Koningin Beatrix

Queen Beatrix has announced to abdicate for her son

Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard, better known as Queen Beatrix, celebrates her 75th birthday today. Here are some photos that have been taken of her by Flickr members during festivities like the annual Koninginnedag (Queen Day) and other festivities.

Congratulations, Queen Beatrix!

Photos from Nationaal Archief, Roel Wijnants, Servaas Goddijn, "Out Shooting" photos :), Calmtwood, Haags Uitburo, and CamerOB.

For more things Royal, check out the British Monarchy’s photostream here on Flickr.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen