#FlickrFriday: Long Exposure

Long Exposure...

Long Exposure

May 17

(too) long exposure

We were called out to the streets


Bus vs Taxi

Pier to Pier

# Last Flickr Friday was a theme of patience. Long Exposures, usually require a lot of it, while you set up your camera, compose the scene in the viewfinder and take your shot with very long shutter speeds.

Many of you made sure to take advantage of the hours between dusk and dawn to paint with light or freeze the landscapes, others created ghostly scenes with blurred silhouettes and movements. And then there were those who took a more humorous approach to the theme. Enjoy all the contributions in the Flickr Friday group pool, and start shooting for our current theme #YouAndMe.

Photos from mswickedmonton, RocketDog1170, Erin Rupe Sweeney, Amerikajin, Deb Beee, yus m’lady, Mister T’, and DeShaun Craddock.

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Posted by Kay Kremerskothen