Nighttime shots galore

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Milky-way and OSF

エントロピー Entropy

Intersection | NYC


Sir John Rogerson´s Quay  - 360°

Assortment of notable night photography, featuring scenery from: Atacama, Chile | Yamaguchi, Japan | New York City, U.S. | Shanghai, China | Dublin, Ireland

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Photos from Adhemar Duro, Tsuchihisa, navid j, Sandro Bisaro, and diwan.

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Portraits on the beach

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A veces.

Morning Star

We found these beautiful beach themes portraits by Ángela Burón, Austin Tott, and Lovely Lo this morning and hope you’ll also enjoy them.

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Pretty panoramas


Sächsische Schweiz Panorama

Wolken Meer über dem Paznaun - Panorama

Filandia, Quindio, Colombia

Wyoming Sky over Lodgepole Ridge

Yosemite Point Pano

Aurora Borealis at Porteau Cove - Explored!

You arrive at a spot where the scenery is so vast that doubt comes to mind when trying to capture what you see in one shot — the moment inspiring this selection of panoramic photography. From the U.K.’s rolling chalk hills of South Downs to the Aurora Borealis seen at Canada’s Porteau Cove, these photos eloquently capture those wide viewpoints from a variety of wonderful landscapes, and this is only a small sample of many more we noticed recently.

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Photos from FinnHopson, János Balázs, TOKIL, prinothphotography, szeke, ernogy, WJMcIntosh, and Alexis Birkill.

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Butterfly portraits

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Mating Cydno Longwing [Explored]

Morpho helenor peleides



Small Heath Butterfly The Postman Butterfly

The Chalkhills of Badbury

Hello friends

Orange Tip (f)

Portraits of eye-catching butterflies, an immensely diverse insect order consisting of around 20,000 species worldwide.

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Photos from Foto Martien, S.c. de graaf, Seahorse_Cologne, kevinmoore57, WILDMANOFTHEWOODS2012, Paula J James, Ian A Kirk, *Gitpix*, and moonraker2012.

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Upcoming site outage on Thursday, July 25th

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We wanted to give you a heads up that Flickr will be undergoing planned maintenance this coming Thursday, July 25, from 4pm to 10pm PDT.

During this time, Flickr will be unavailable on web and mobile, and the API will not be reachable. There will also be a site-wide notice an hour beforehand to make sure no one is taken by surprise.

To stay on top of our updates during the outage, follow us on Twitter.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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Photographer captures Matrix-like poses

Like it or not, Brad Hammonds’ photostream will make you stop and look twice. His recent series, “Falling Through Space”, captures subjects falling precariously midair on the verge of disaster. The end result is not only an incredible photo, but instantly forces his viewers to contemplate and fear the figure’s fate; a sentiment Brad thrives off of.

“If I can create a feeling of apprehension or even question the safety of the figure in my photos, that’s what really excites me and let’s me know I’ve done what I set out to do.”

Brad’s idea behind “Falling Through Space” comes from the concept of emotional delay – how one person can never really experience true sensations of any moment until it’s already passed.

“It’s the idea that the time your brain takes any one moment and processes it, the moment is already behind you,” Brad explains. “There’s no way you can ever experience that moment again except through memory. I try to capture that moment.”

Alley Fall

The subject in these photos is typically himself suspended Matrix-like in space, meanwhile his face and/or body language remains placid or subdued as if he has no idea or are completely unaware of the dangers that lie ahead.

Brad always likes to keep the background as interesting as possible and keep subject in poses that play into these scenes. He tries to keep any digital manipulation to a minimum, however there is a bit that has to be done to keep his own well being in tact.

Together Rotate

“The poses that you see in the photos are as they actually appear in real life,” Brad says. “Nothing is added, changed, or manipulated. The only thing that’s different is how those poses are achieved. Where in the photos I appear to be falling or floating through space, in actuality I’m in a stable position and then later given the illusion in post-production.”

Brad’s personal favorite photo is actually his newest to the series called Bike Wreck.

Bike Wreck!

“The reason I enjoy this photo is because it was the most difficult setup that I’ve had so far, “ Brad says. “I had challenges in working with other props. The positioning of both myself and the bicycle had to be just right to capture this feeling of a bicycle crash. It wasn’t easy.”


Another favorite is called Dive, which he feels encapsulates the idea of movement, depicting him diving forward what appears to be a high level of intention.

“The idea is that I’m really trying to go somewhere with great force, but as you can see in this photo, there’s nowhere for this figure to actually go.”

Floating In the Presence of Giants

At the end of the day, Brad wants to continue to challenge himself and take different pictures, but also challenge the viewer as well.

“I think it’s very easy for the viewer to look at the photo and see and ask themselves ‘How is this possible?’ But I want to take it further than that, and I want the viewer also to also ask themselves,“What happens next?” And for them to come up with their own endings.”

Visit Brad’s photostream to see more of his photography.

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Magic mountains

Store Skagastølstind

Small Canyon (EXPLORE)

Over The Corner

Mouintain road

Photos from Youronas, Torehegg, Katka S., and David Martin Castan.

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Introducing “The Wild Ones”

A contribution from Sarah Ann Loreth

Summer is all about adventure and making memories with those you love, Flickr is the perfect place to share your summertime memories and this summer we are happy to introduce “The Wild Ones Workshop Tour” and the hashtag #flickrXcountry.

The Wild Ones

We, Sarah Ann Loreth, Shane Black and Joel Robison, are three friends and Flickr members who are setting out on a two month long workshop tour across the United States, reaching from Washington State to New York City. We are teaching 6 workshops in cities across the country and will be sharing our photos and stories here on the Flickr Blog all summer long.

Oregon Flickr Gathering

Our first stop was Myrtle Creek, Oregon, where we joined approximately 50 other photographers from around the globe at a farm owned by Brendon Burton. The group, which became friends through social media and now organize meetups throughout the year, spent 8 days together in southern Oregon.

During the gathering, we explored nearby forests, abandoned homes and churches, swam in rivers and of course took a lot of photos which you can find in the “orfg2013″ Flickr group.

The Daughters

After many hugs and long goodbyes, we have travelled north to Seattle where another (smaller) gathering welcomed us with open arms. Hosted by Kindra Timmerwilke and Austin Tott, twenty photographers from as far as the UK will spend 5 days in the Pacific Northwest, exploring the Seattle area before spending a few days camping at Mt. Rainier.

We, “The Wild Ones”, hosted our first workshop last Friday, July 19th in Portland. The rest of the dates are:

Los Angeles – July 27th
Dallas – August 5th
Tampa – August 12th
Atlanta – August 16th (meetup, not a workshop!)
Washington DC – August 19th
New York City – August 24th

To reserve a spot at a workshop please email us at

See you on Saturday in L.A.!

This post was written by a guest contributor to Flickr Blog. Please see their details in the post above. If you would also like to become a contributing author, tell us your story, and provide some examples of previous pieces (if you have them) and content you would like to cover.

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Explorer’s passionate pursuit of urban decay

“I’ve frozen in fear many times,” says urban exploration photographer Michelle LaCavalier, known on Flickr as ManicMelange Photography. “I’ve experienced extreme heights, evading police or security, squatters, scrappers; you name it, I’ve seen it all.”

“The only thing that gets me through is when I know whatever is waiting for me on the other side is a gem to shoot,” she says.

Michelle’s passion for photographing abandoned and decayed buildings stems from her fascination with human behavior and how people live.



“Going into these buildings that have so much history [and] being able to stand in a spot where so many other people before me have made memories, to touch the things these people have touched, just makes me feel more alive,” she says. “It’s incredible.”

Michelle says urban exploration is a lot about who you know and what those people know. It isn’t easy for her to get access into many buildings. And, as a female, it’s often unsafe for her to go alone.

Broken dreams, broken heart, broken home //

“I do my own research about the buildings,” Michelle says. “If the location has a history and a story, then I seek someone who can either tell me how to get in or go with someone who can get me in. It’s a rush to be one of the first photographers in a new space. But as a rule, it’s always smart to have someone with you.”

Michelle readily admits she’s a “touch-everything type of girl” who likes to get the whole experience inside these abandoned buildings. Dangers and unexpected surprises are part of the deal.

Green Mile You were with me, even when I thought I was alone //

“Every step I take has to be slow and focused,” Michelle says. “Floors have soft spots and you can fall straight through. You always have to be careful of rusty nails, glass chards, dirty needles.”

Demolition // Rubble from above Bigroom

Michelle has also encountered a fair share of health hazards inside the locations she visits. Many are dangerous to breathe, such as asbestos, mold, chemicals and animal droppings. To protect herself, she often wears gas masks and respirators which she often incorporates in her shots.

One of Michelle’s favorite locations to shoot are hospital and psychiatric insane asylums.

“The people that suffered, got better, healed, passed away, it’s all there,” she says. “It’s all in the walls, there’s always patient records laying around, you can actually read about someone and see their entire life. I love it.”

Love Factory boat Demolition // Longview

Michelle’s goal is to reconnect her viewers emotionally to these buildings, that are left behind when people move on, and breathe life into them again.

“I consider my photography a method of storytelling,” Michelle says. “To document that these buildings are still interesting, important and full of answers is my passion. When people react to my images with curiosity, questions or fascination, it’s worth every danger I encounter. It’s the ultimate accomplishment.”

Visit Michelle’s photostream to see more of her photography.

To see more urban explorations, check out Jose Vazquez’s story.

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#FlickrFriday: On the Waterfront

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Suit and surf 8

Morecambe beach

Suit and surf 8 The Great Unknown - Flickr Friday #OnTheWaterfront el océano

Panorama of New York City from New York Harbor on a Rainy Day

port de blaye [IMG_3035 ] Laurence Harbor waterfront

Sunday morning...*

078/365 Kayaks under the Key Bridge Flickrfriday,OnTheWaterfront

197/365 - Ship in a Bottle

# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #OnTheWaterfront, and these are some of your submissions.

Water, this essential element that powers us all. You captured your amphibious and furry friends enjoying the view. You went to the beach, snapping swimmers, surfers, and … your feet! The deep blue ocean powered by streams and rivers – you captured it all – on the waterfront. Explore more of the watery submissions for this theme in the Flickr Friday group pool.

Moving from the waterfront up into the air, the new Flickr Friday theme for this week is #TheBirds. Of course you can also shoot them sitting on the ground or stealing French Fries out of your hand, or you can take a more figurative approach. As every week, you are in charge! So let your creativity take over. The next selection of your shots will be showcased right here on the Flickr Blog next Friday.

Photos from aecclesphoto, Niki van Velden, camrynpaige, Rebeca Buendía, Adrian Cabrero (Mustagrapho), jmlpyt, Sandra’s Weeds, IsaBAR.•*¨*ღ, jaubele1, Joe in DC, Reno@GPI, and Gunn Point.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse through the rest of our Flickr Friday posts for more.

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