Venice Biennale 2013

Ai Wei Wei at Biennale di Venezia 2013.

55° Biennale di Venezia


IMG_6179 B55 Sarah Sze

Venezia, Biennale 2013

For over a century, Venice has hosted a major contemporary art exhibition every two years known as the Venice Biennale. It’s renowned for featuring an eclectic mix of international artists in national pavilions and a central pavilion. The Biennale’s artistic director, Massimiliano Gioni, defines this year’s theme called The Encyclopedic Palace as “the desire to know and understand everything, a desire that recurs throughout history of art.”

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Photos from micmol, andaradagio, martongazso, Hypermorpheus, pilpatoe, and faiecca.

Posted by Arnold Chao