October wildfires in Australia

Incredible Colours


Smokey Sunrise


Bushfire Smoke

Bushfire NSW 2013

Bushfire at Mt York

View of Sydney skyline during bushfires (October 17, 2013)

Smokey skies over Sydney

Heather Glen Commodore

Smoke over Woden

Ominous smoke plumes from this month’s bushfires created a frightening haze across New South Wales, Australia. The blazes consumed swathes of tree groves in the Blue Mountains and destroyed hundreds of rural homes.

Our hearts go out to those impacted by this disaster that has destroyed hundreds of rural homes.

View more eyewitness photography documenting this tragic event in the Australian Wildfires gallery.

Photos from Maarten Danial, SJ Allen, Greg Harper, Howie44, Beetwo77, Kya Cookie, Chaiwat lee, ducktourer, Wanderer and Wonderer, Andrea Schaffer, Matt Broad, and p996911turbo.

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The Val d’Orcia, landscapes of Renaissance

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when night turns to day

val d'orcia

Val d'Orcia

Val d'Orcia

Val d'Orcia

“I am about to buy a house in a foreign country. A house with the beautiful name of Bramasole. It is tall, square, and apricot-colored with faded green shutters, ancient tile roof, and an iron balcony [...]. The balcony faces south-east, looking into a deep valley, then into the Tuscan Apennines.”

These are the words that Frances Mayes uses in Under the Tuscan Sun to describe the Italian landscape so typical for Tuscany. While it may sound like an idealized view of the landscape, it is accurate.

Not without reason was the Val d’Orcia with its farmland, vineyards and olive plantations stretching hills and valleys lined with cypresses as far as the eye can see, which was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 2004.

It’s “exceptional reflection of the way the landscape was re-written in Renaissance times to reflect the ideas of good governance and to create an aesthetically pleasing picture” and for the landscape’s celebration “by painters from the Scuola Senese.” Their “Images of the Val d’Orcia, and particularly depictions of landscapes where people are depicted as living in harmony with nature, have come to be seen as icons of the Renaissance and have profoundly influenced the development of landscape thinking.”

Enjoy the flair of Tuscany and discover more typical landscapes in our Tuscany and Val d’Orcia image searches.

Photos from Dennis_F, Kirstin Mckee, DWH284, MiaRossy, and Mirko M..

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Reflections of fall foliage

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Nature's Rorschach Test


Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections

White Antlers

Fall Reflections at Ricker Pond

fall reflections

Paradise Pond - Leominster State Forest

fall reflection

St. Croix Reflections

Autumn Reflection, Eaton, NH, 2013

Capturing the Moment

Photographer Saffron Blaze states the mesmerizing appeal of these seasonal shots well. He titled an afternoon scene (top photo) of reflected colors from shoreline trees as “Nature’s Rorschach Test.” And as you can see here, other nature lovers found special spots at rivers, lakes, and ponds worldwide to shoot amazing landscapes of fall foliage.

See, and share more photos in the Fall Foliage Scenery gallery and Fall Foliage group.

Photos from Saffron Blaze, Bonnie M., RuthChoi, Patrick_K, SunnyDazzled, chris lazzery, diamir8000, jcnikon, dsovercash, allisonherreid, Christopher Wisker, and Dave Toussaint.

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#TwitterTuesday: Monochrome

.analog. - Monumenta 2011

Lazy Day for Quincy 

Vertical - Special Edition!

Two monuments in a frame .

Juhuuu, Schnee!

Us two forever   A Dark Corner Of London (Flickr Blog)

Waiting for that which will never come

Berlin USB Corners

It was time. (2)

Rush Hour Have you considered?

Waterloo Bridge

Here is our selection of your favorite monochrome shots from your archives.

Thanks for all your contributions yesterday. You can check out all of them and follow us on Twitter to see the next challenge directly in your feed. We will be back with the new theme next Tuesday.

Photos from mnpix, Mike F., Girl With Butterfly Wings, cedarsphoto, sergis blog, Khánh Hmoong, nunda83, Paarma, www.paulshearsphotography.com, theqspeaks, brendan ó sé, notnyt, krissen, Visual Sensory, kamihacker, and rachiikins.

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布达拉宫夜景 The nightscape of the Potala Palace


Criss Cross [Explored]

Boulder Pano

The Haze


2013 Seoul International Fireworks Festival

The night presents many challenges when it comes to photography, but many of you embrace it and do wonders with what it offers. Nighttime’s darkness and limited light adds drama to an abundance of scenery, including these shots of urban and rural places.

Explore more photography of the popular locations featured here: Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet | Sydney Harbor, Australia | Seoul, South Korea

See, and share, more photos in the Night Scenes gallery and Night Shot group.

Photos from 阿郭夸擦, Squirrelgirl111, DILLEmma Photography, picturesbysteve, ourkind, Peter Hauri, and junezel.

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Roman aqueducts

Pont du Gard

Spoleto Aqueduct

Ponte delle Torri

Trip to France 2012 (Day #9) - Vers-Pont-du-Gard - 2012, Jun - 02.jpg

Caesarea , Israel

An arch of the Roman Aqueduct (1st centure AD), Segovia

Segovia - Roman Aqueduct & Plaza de la Artillería 2

Grotte di Catullo

Acueducto de les Ferreres, Tarragona Acueducto de Tarragona (7)

Pont de les Ferreres/Pont del diable

Aspendos Aqueduct

The Romans built hundreds of bridges and conduits to deliver water via gravity across their empire, and many of these marvels of civil engineering still remain in varying conditions.

See more photography in the Ancient Aqueducts gallery and Aqueducts group.

Photos from dkilim, Goutkin, mathrong, sebastien.barre, questforfire2010, temte_mc, Le Monde1, -keka-, jacqueline_poggi, calafellvalo, urban_lenny, and nkarabiber.

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Abstract flightscapes

Mystery of Land, Sea and Air

Upheaval Dome


Portugal - Figueira da Foz

Somewhere out West

Canyonlands, Utah


20130609_F0001: Shallow water Danish coastline

Many of you made good use of flights by capturing what our world looks like from above. In these aerial photos, waterways and canyons etch intricate swirls and serrated contours through land colorized with sediment and sunlight, while distant fields appear like patchwork of a detailed quilt.

See, and share, more photos in the Fantastic Flightscapes gallery and Window Seat Please group.

Photos from Habbenwelt, SomePhotosTakenByMe, chrisotruro, xpgomes14, Daniel Incandela, Alf Gillman, V31S70, and wfxue.

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Corona Heights photowalk

#sfflickrmeetup crew

Thanks to everyone who joined us at last week’s #sfflickrmeetup for sunset over Corona Heights. Here are some impressions from the photowalk for you to enjoy.

The crew

Summit Up Xiao

Nice doggie

Want to organize an awesome Flickr meetup for your city? Head over to our page on Meetup to get started!

Photos from Coral under the sea, Lucy .Q, zoxcleb, imusicmash and bhautik joshi.

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Maroon 5 discovers young photographer on Flickr

Most artists dream about being discovered by a celebrity, instantly catapulting them to success and stardom. Few actually experience it. But believe it or not, it happened to a young, unsuspecting photographer who was sought out on Flickr by one of the most popular bands on the planet.

"Photography was really just a hobby for me," Rosie Hardy tells us in the accompanying video. "Never really in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be discovered by Maroon 5 and it would launch an entire new life for me. I still can’t believe it has happened!"

Four years ago, Rosie was just an average teenager from Manchester, England. She initially got into photography for reasons most girls her age would understand.

38/365 - twenty seven minutes


"It was all a very cliché experience," Rosie admits. "I was a fifteen year-old girl, and I really wanted a pretty My Space picture to make the guy I had a crush on fancy me. So I did with a little point-and-shoot camera. But what started off as taking pictures of myself turned into me going outside, getting adventurous and really loving it. I posted them on Flickr and started getting great feedback."

After some time, Rosie began to take her photography more seriously. She became inspired by both famous photographers in magazines and those she followed on Flickr. Rosie pre-produced her shoots, scouted locations and explored different styles. Soon her work evolved to become a mix of conceptual photography, but on a very human level. This got the attention of a select few, and she slowly began to book local clients and gigs.

That Sinking Feeling

"Eventually people started to trust me," Rosie says. "So when I asked them to get into a puddle of mud, people thought it was normal! I was not only proud of my work, but it was fun! So it’s all been a very interesting journey… although it all changed when I turned 19, and I never looked back after that!"

In 2010, Maroon 5 was set to release their newest album "Hands All Over", but they had a problem. The band did not have a picture for their album cover. The management team feverishly hit the Internet, using the search words "Hands All Over" and immediately came across a doodle-turned-portrait on Rosie’s Flickr page.

53/365 - i need to feel your hands all over me

"They really liked the concept," Rosie explains. "So they contacted me and asked if I could redo it, but in a more sexy way for the band. At first, I didn’t believe them, and I thought it was an Internet troll. You know, trolling at his best. I figured they were just trying to trip me up, so he could publish my response on Reddit for the entire world to see!"

"But when I got contacted again, I realized this was legit," Rosie says. "So I started to follow through and see what I could do."

Rosie jumped on her parents’ bed and took several self-portraits. She posed with her hands going everywhere: hands in her hair, hands in the sky, you name it. She edited it all together and sent it back to the Maroon 5 team. Their response was one she never expected.

"They took a look at it and said, ‘Right, we’re happy with this. No other model needed. It’s going to be you on the cover’," Rosie says. "I couldn’t believe it. I pretty much fell off my chair when I realized that it was actually happening!”

Hands All Over

Not only was her photo on the cover of the album, but it also appeared on billboards and buses across the globe. On Facebook, her friends began tagging her in pictures of posters and signs of the album cover in different cities. The instant, overnight success completely opened Rosie’s career to a level she never thought was possible. Major clients reached out to her, and she began working on many different projects. It was a dream come true.

Alice's Night Circus

Bright Eyes

"I would say for my future, I would love, love, love to be the kind of future Annie Leibovitz of photography," Rosie admits. "I would love to shoot celebrities, take their stereotypes and create amazing pictures that no one has seen or thought of to do before. But at the same time, for me, I just love photography. And that is still there. The 19-year-old girl, the 16-year-old girl, who loved taking pictures, that’s still me."

Rosie says Flickr completely changed her, not just her photographic career, but as a person. "I grew up being inspired by people and having people support me," she says. "That confidence means so much, and I am so grateful."

Swan Lake - Helen Flanagan Photoshoot

Spines to rest your spine

Her advice to aspiring photographers:

"Let inspiration inspire you and take every opportunity," Rosie says. "It doesn’t matter whether it’s something big or small, but it will lead somewhere as long as you try hard and do a good job. And have fun doing it! It’s pointless to spend your life doing something that you don’t enjoy. As long as I’m shooting, as long as I’m taking pictures and asking people to climb into mud puddles, and painting my front driveway yellow, I’m happy. And I can’t wait to see what’s next!"

Visit Rosie’s photostream to see more of her photography.

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#FlickrFriday: At The Roadside

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284/365 "Dedicated to Sucre" - Oporto - Portugal

At the road side Hetzdorf viadukt

Hàng hoa AtTheRoadside


The work done

#AtTheRoadside AtTheRoadside

Flickr Friday-Shizandra In The Morning Sunlight At the Roadside

Золотая осень...

118/365 Cap

# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #AtTheRoadside. This is a selection of our favorites from your submissions.

The endless roads across highways and streets will always create magnificent landscapes. You showed us special stories where the main characters were nature, dogs and other randomly selected objects. From an amusing family trip and the most vibrant autumn scenes to the wildest horse riding journey. You can dive more into these colorful stories in the Flickr Friday group pool.

We are happy to receive all your favorite galleries that you have been curating specially for us. If you would like to have a look over, you can check them out, enjoy and share.

Our new theme keeps the secrets amongst the stars, and we want you to bring back that special emotion that comes while listening to the wise words of: #MayTheForceBeWithYou. We are sure you are already experiencing a bunch of good memories but we also have the feeling that this will show us many different views about teamwork or being strong. Start shooting and share with us your submissions in the Flickr Friday group. Our selection of favorites will be featured right here on the blog next Friday. And if you would like to invite your friends to take part in the challenge, you can reteweet us or share our status.

Photos from unoforever, gina, Hänsel & Gretel, Anh Huy, Yu Chen, Fernando Borcel, Lina Simone, Harald Kanins, WaVe & S, Jo :) cold Out- Time To Bundle Up!, mswickedmonton, Josh Hawkins, and Ani Melikyan.

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