Exploring Indonesia

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Tanah Lot

2013 - 11

Ramayana Dancer

Mt. Bromo

Bromo, Batur & Semeru from Penanjakan


Divine Morning

Beautiful Ijen

Beautiful Formation

Tiu Kelep

IMG_0591 Tanjidor Betawi

Solomo #4

Borobudur's sunrise

Swamp Buffalo

Light The Cahaya

Photos from Indonesia, a country of over 17,508 islands. The densely populated nation has a uniqueness in natural scenery and culture that’s made it a top destination for tourists, especially the temples and active volcano Mount Bromo.

See, and share, more photos in the Sights of Indonesia gallery and Indonesia group.

Photos from Dicko WA, spf3million, Jorge Dalmau y Pablo Dalmau Photo, pbertner, Nicolas DS, JulienLavallee, ZawWai09, tropicaLiving – Jessy Eykendorp, yemaria, _Spacedog_, Cak Adi, yaman ibrahim, wiwiedsolo, Harymuhammad, and Pandu Adnyana.
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Swimming with sea creatures

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Cuttle Ambush!

BIG Jelly

You cant see me!  Fringelip Flathead

Black Seahorse

Spanish Dancer

Keeping an eye out...

Spot of relaxing

Red Irish Lord

Papuan face (Canthigaster papua)

Amed Stonefish

We’re lucky to have many talented divers and ocean explorers sharing their close encounters with all sorts of marine life in exceptional portraits. Here’s a sample of some of them, from a cuttlefish up close to the speckled face of a perpetually frowning stonefish.

See, and share, more photos in the Awesome Underwater Scenes gallery and Underwater Fish Portraits group.

Photos from souldiver, Jon Faulkner, Okinawa Nature Photography, Bidwell, Coby, DrTH80, Seth Patterson, nialldeiraniya, decidedlyodd, Arne Kuilman, and Wisnu Purwanto Family.

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Welcome Nasjonalbiblioteket to The Commons!

Norge: Gudvangen, Nærøyfjord. Sogn

Portrett av Henrik Ibsen, 1894 Fridtjof Nansen og Fredrik Hjalmar Johansen trekker kjelkene over den ujevne isen Lesesalen på Universitetsbiblioteket

2381. Sogn, Nærødalen, Velocipeder

Continuing to extend the wealth of photos already available in The Commons on Flickr, we are excited to welcome the Nasjonalbiblioteket, also known as the National Library of Norway.

The National Library of Norway is responsible for preserving and making available, to present and future users, the information that shapes our society, regardless of how and in which medium it is published. Our collection is a vast treasure chest of information and experiences about Norway, Norwegians and Norwegian culture and history. And as the Norwegians have been and still are a traveling people, the collection is supplemented from the world at large. You can find unique collections of manuscripts, special collections of books, music, radio and TV programs, film, theater, maps, posters, pictures, photographs, newspapers etc.

The Library’s image corpus on Flickr includes photographs of beautiful Norwegian landscapes, portraits of important personalities and people, old post cards, as well as records of expeditions around the globe.

Help make the photographs you enjoy more discoverable by adding tags and leaving comments. Your contributions and knowledge make these photos even richer. You can check out the whole selection in their sets, and we hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do.

Photos from the National Library of Norway.

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#TwitterTuesday: Car

blue car lime wall

Sky high 197/365: A Classic!

Fernando Alonso

Going Back Sepia Roma F33275, Rome

A Brief History Of Time

Green (furry) motoring Mclaren Mercedes SLR

Audi R8

This week you shared with us the perspective of classic and modern through your favorite car photos from your archives.

Thanks for all of them. You can enjoy all the submissions and follow us on Twitter to see the next challenge directly in your feed. The new theme will be displayed right here next Tuesday.

Photos from Ephraim Muller, Gust, Julie, Matteo Dunchi, H Matthew Howarth, Kate Benjamin, Mike Kaser, Terry Porter, Chirs Hill, and Alexandros Maragos.

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Captivating shoreline shots

Beach Party

Sunset on Cape Koganezaki [Explore]

Twilight in Point Reyes [Explore 09/29/13]

When friends visit

2012's Final Golden Moment


Wild West

Spilled [Explored]

A selection of photography from beaches and shores across the globe, including scenery at these picturesque locations: Sunshine Beach, Australia | Koganezaki, Japan | Point Reyes, California | Piha, New Zealand | Biscaia, Portugal | Cemagi, Indonesia

See, and share, more photos in the Coastal Scenery gallery and Beaches of the World group.

Photos from jason james gallery, -TommyTsutsui-, Joe Parks, Alex Schwab, vkalra29, StillBelieven, CResende, and eggysayoga.

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Join us in previewing Flickr’s new photo experience

Starting today, you can preview our new photo experience that we are planning to roll out later this year.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 11.34.48 AM

Joining is super easy, just click the “Try our new Photo Experience” button on any photo page on Flickr. (It’s currently only available for English users, but is coming to all other supported languages soon.) We believe you will notice three main things in the preview:

Wow. The photo got bigger!

The new photo experience gives you the largest possible image, while not deprecating the story around a photo. The image is about 25% bigger than on the previous photo page. You’ll see more pixels, get a cleaner view without any elements on the top or bottom of the page, so that photos are even more of the centerpoint.

The story is on the side of the photo.

The photo is more than just pixels: It’s the story that you and other people have built around it. The photo’s story is not only the photo’s title, but also in the comments, tags and photo-specific information, such as the camera used. Our goal is to present you with a big image, but also to remove the need to scroll to see what the image is about. In the sidebar, you’ll find all the important actions and valuable information. We also started to add recommendations to the sidebar, so that if you enjoy the photo that you are seeing, you’re offered the opportunity to find photos of similar appeal.

The need for speed.

The new photo experience is built from the ground up and uses new technology to show you photos much faster. While we are still working on improving the performance even more, you’ll see a significant performance boost just by going from one photo to another — which you can simply do by clicking on the viewed photo.

Over the coming weeks, we share many more details of the new photo experience here. But for now, we invite you to test it and provide us feedback. Please keep in mind that this an early look into what is coming and that not all features are available yet.

We are very excited to invite you to this new experience today, as we think it uniquely combines high-resolution photos and celebrates the story around them. Now, head over to a photo and join us in previewing the new experience.

Photo from Darren Bradley.

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Exploring Taroko Park of Taiwan

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Taroko Gorge


Chang Chun Shrine (Chinese: 长春祠)

View From Swallow Grotto in Taroko Gorge



Photos from Taiwan’s Taroko National Park, where bridges, a waterfall, and a gorge of marble attract sightseers seeking natural beauty and a getaway on an island with a population of 23 million people.

See, and share, more photos in the Taiwan’s Taroko Park gallery.

Photos from Edyta Knapik, jareed, Phototroph, - syphrix -, edwin.11, kalmenias, and BRIANCHAO.

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Welcome the Royal Australian Historical Society to The Commons!

07 - Kings Cross Darlinghurst

14 - Sydney Road Windsor 05 - Hawkesbury Bridge

03 - Harbour Bridge

Today, we are honored to welcome The Royal Australian Historical Society (RAHS) to The Commons on Flickr. The RAHS is Australia’s oldest historical organisation, founded in Sydney in 1901. It exists to encourage the study of and interest in Australian history.

Based at History House, 133 Macquarie Street, Sydney, the Society boasts a membership network of individuals and local historical societies, libraries and corporate partners. As a not-for-profit organisation, its activities and facilities are largely funded by contributions from its members and benefactors.

Since inception and from 1918 when the Society was granted the right to prefix the title Royal, RAHS members have collected, researched, written and communicated on all aspects of Australian history. Early members recognised the importance of photographs in recording and capturing history early on and took photos on glass plate negatives, some of which were then used as lantern slides for history lectures. From these pioneering origins, the Society has evolved to reflect the changing ways in which we engage with history in the 21st century.

In particular the Kodak set within the RAHS’ account calls for your assistance. As the description outlines, the photos shown were contained in a suitcase that was rescued during the closure of the Kodak factory in Victoria and arrived at History House this year. Why were these images selected? Were other historical photograph presentation series prepared in different countries? Where did the presentations take place?

Now you’ve got the chance to help solve these mysteries before taking a look at all the other beautiful photos of Sydney, Victoria, and Australia that can be found in the Royal Australian History Society’s account.

Photos from The Royal Australian Historical Society.

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Capturing dangerous lives of rodeo cowboys

This summer, Tiger Woods became the world’s highest-paid professional athlete, pulling in $78.1 million from prize money, endorsements and appearance fees — a stark contrast to professional cowboys, who risk their lives to win a mere $800-$1000 (per event) competing in rodeos.

It’s “man vs. wild” as these men face unpredictable bucking animals. And in the middle of it all is photographer Rob Skeoch, known on Flickr as sportsphoto rob, who documents every moment.

“Photographically, the action is fantastic,” he tells The Weekly Flickr in the accompanying video. “But what people don’t understand is unlike some professional sports, there’s so much heart and passion involved. It’s incredible and extremely humbling.”

Rob travels throughout Canada and parts of the U.S. attending what he calls grassroot rodeos. These are smaller events ranging from 800 to 2,000 fans, but allows him amazing access to the athletes.

Rodeo Cowboys Exeter Ram Rodeo

Rodeo Cowboys Orangeville Rodeo

“You’re so close to the action,” Rob describes. “You can actually feel the bull breathing on you as the cowboy is getting ready to go out. There’s so much activity, color and motion. It’s a wonderful thing.”

The crowd may be smaller than most televised rodeos. The excitement and energy level, however, is just as palpable.

Bull riding is probably the highlight of the rodeo,” Rob says. “It’s what people are sticking around to watch. There’s a lot of danger. These guys get on these animals, end up flying through the air and landing in the dirt. As a photographer, it’s very, very exciting.”

Ultimate Rodeo Welland Ontario STRRSH

Rodeo Cowboys Exeter Ram Rodeo

One of the most powerful moments to capture is the moment the chute opens and the bull comes flying out. Each cowboy is hoping to stay on the bull for a minimum of 8 seconds. Rob admits, however, even if one can hold on for that long, the worst is far from over.

“If you do cover and stay on the bull for 8 seconds, you’ve still got to get off this animal,” Rob explains. “And that’s always going to be a problem! When you get off a bull, they’re mad and coming right at you. You’ll see people flying off bulls and landing hard.”

Most people would call it quits after a couple falls, but these cowboys don’t give up. Instead, they’ll dust themselves off, tape themselves up and get back into the saddle.

Scott Sikma

Rodeo Cowboys International Plowing Match

“The guys are amazingly dedicated,” Rob says. “And they’re doing it because they love it. There isn’t one person there whose primary goal is to win a lot of money. It’s all for the love of the sport; it’s addicting.”

Rodeo life isn’t easy. Full time cowboys often drive all night to get to a rodeo. They’re vagabonds who sleep in their trucks, eat quick-and-easy meals, all the while getting beat up by animals. And then the next day, they’re driving again — hundreds of miles to different cities — to compete in another.

Rodeo Cowboys Woodstock Rodeo

Jake Knelson

“Certainly an accountant wouldn’t look at it as a viable opportunity,” Rob says. “They’re not making that much. You’re paying $90 to enter, driving around constantly and if you’re lucky you’ll win maybe $700? You compare that to what a ballplayer would make. They’re making more than that, ten times more on every pitch they throw or every swing of the bat. But these cowboys don’t care. It’s exciting for them and their circle of friends to win and walk away wearing a large silver buckle.”

Rob has been a sports photographer for years, covering professional sports like football and baseball. He keeps coming back to rodeos primarily because of the incredible comradery between the cowboys.

Rodeo Cowboys Exeter Ram Rodeo


“The first time I photographed a rodeo was in Jackson, Wyoming, where I was testing camera prototypes for Sony,” Rob explains. “During lunch, I went behind the scenes, and just to see the friendships the cowboys have with each other is remarkable. There’s a lot more fellowship between the cowboys than I think you’d find in any other sports where they’re competing against each other. These guys are offering help to one another, rooting for each other; the only one they’re competing against is the animal.”

Rob wants everyone who looks at his photos to feel like they’re spending a day at the rodeo.

Kitchener Ultimate Rodeo Ontario STRRSH

Markus Sommer

“I want you to sense the dust, smell the leather and feel a bull breathing right beside you,” he says. “But I also want you to see the faces of the cowboys; see their friendship and respect. It’s just fantastic.”

Visit Rob’s photostream to see more of his photography.

Watch why a tiny town has become an internet sensation with over 20 million visitors online!

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#FlickrFriday: After Dark

After Dark

Golden Rain 10-05-13

Heavy Rain-2

After Dark IMG_1961 279 (10.6)

Encounter on a vegetarian day After Dark

FlickrFriday: After Dark

Retroactive lamp


flickrfriday #AfterDark  MACAU DAILY

After Dark

# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #AfterDark. This is a selection of our favorites from your submissions.

The touch of a flame after the dawn belongs to the night that awakens a new world. We invited you to show us what happens after the sun goes down and you guided us through a labyrinth full of shadows and neon lights. From a solitary walk through the city and a hungry feline observing the big menu available in the fridge, to the quiet and warm lighting of a candle. Discover more of the silent places after dark in the Flickr Friday group pool.

We’ve been delighted with the new galleries that you’ve been curating and sharing with us. If you would like to have a look over your last submissions you can check them out, and enjoy.

Our new theme has a new adventure to explore. We want you to show us what you can find #AtTheRoadside. It could be that you share with us the endless road of the highways or the curiosities that surround them. Get ready, explore and submit your shots in the Flickr Friday group. We will feature our favorites of the week here on the blog next Friday. And if you would like to invite your friends to take part in this week’s challenge, don’t forget to retweet us or share our status.

Photos from Alexandre Moreno Marques, Chris Howard, maviefolle08, Fábio J. Santos, camera squid, Tobwie, Kalyna Harasymiv, Thibaud Saintin, CoolMcFlash, crossword_steve, Paarma, dadaesk, hkanins, TOU’s, and Luvvida.

#FlickrFriday is a weekly photography project that challenges your creativity. For a chance to be featured on FlickrBlog, follow @flickr on Twitter & like us on Facebook and look for the weekly theme announcement every Friday. Browse the Flickr Friday category for more.

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