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"Strangers No More" project: "TED & DANIEL"


"Strangers No More" project: "TED & DANIEL"

Morning Setup

23 October 2013

Creative Block - Week 2

We love to just browse the site to find some of the hidden and not so hidden gems that show up here and there. Favorites of others, photos nearby and groups are a fantastic source of inspiration to get to know others and try out something new: a different angle, a new method of processing, a new topic or theme.

Flickr is not just about exposure (and we’re sure you can get a lot of it here), it’s about community, exchange of thoughts and conversations that help you grow. Most photographers enjoy sharing details about their photos, so don’t be shy to ask.

Enjoy some of your contacts’ photos and click through to their favorites — something new will be right around the corner.

Photos from Dominic Mercier, Sion Fullana, Gordon Fischmann, richard thwaites, and davidclifford.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen