Mechanoids from a Steampunk future

Aquatic Virus Injector AVI-V1

Fully upgraded Standard Soldier SSGS-V1 Bladed Grunt BG-V1

Eight Legged Paralyzer ELP-V1

"Looking at these ‘Mechanoids’, I imagine a futuristic world where these robots would be used on the battlefield. Robots fighting other robots, trying to take over enemy fortresses. I include a short description about these robots as if some buyer from the future is reading through a catalog, deciding which robots to add to their robot army." says Flickr member bigflytrap.

He has been making copper wire sculptures for over 10 years, and when he wanted to try something different, he remembered conversations with his friend about using scrap electronics for art. As luck would have it, soon after, he got moved to a position in his day job where he has access to lots of scrap electronics – a rich pool of parts to harvest from.

After bigflytrap liked how his first robot turned out he made more and found inspiration in vacuum tube art he saw on etsy and the biomechanical style of H.R. Giger. By incorporating the tubes in his art, he achieved the Steampunk look and feel he was ultimately after. Several humanoid robots later, other creatures such as virii, octopi, and spiders emerged from his creative mind that can all be found is his growing Mechanoids set.

Photos from bigflytrap, and while you’re at it, also check out his other sets, featuring carnivorous plants, insect macros as well as his absolutely amazing cat Homer.

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