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esperando al lobo feroz



Esperando Esperando

Waiting a plane paris

Espera con vistas - Bilbo

Esperando el regreso / Waiting the return esperando na janela 5

Waiting at the Terminal Esperando la luz verde

Wait in vain, for the train. Dogs in waiting

It's you I'm waiting for!

waiting patiently

Waiting up

There is a moment when time appears to stop. It’s at that instant, when we are waiting for someone or something, that our thoughts take flight and our surroundings slow to a halt.

Photos from José María Pérez Nuñez, Espejo Eterno, mike barwood, María Constanza Welschen, Agustín Povedano, Brice CANONNE, Jean-Paul P.G., Gonzalo Iza, Tever McFervienza, Sheila Tostes, Jonathan Parker, Diego Martin, Walt Jabsco, Raj Deut, marie-II, gemmyjade, Michael, Luz Adriana Villa, and monekywing.

Posted by Matthew Roth