Carnival festivities in Europe

Un (bel) po' di politica

Carnevale Viareggio 2014



Löffingen 108

Count on seeing eye-catching costumes and parades in photos every March on Flickr from Europe. Millions of revelers annually join festivals that precede the observance of Lent, and we can almost hear cheers from partying scenes caught on camera at these raucous occasions. So if you miss the chance to attend these events, explore the photography offered here for a vicarious experience of this month’s pageantry.

What stands out this year? Italy’s Carnevale di Viareggio features astonishingly well-constructed floats, including politician caricatures and a freaky clown-themed tank. And in Germany, a wooden trike with horns should receive a barbarian applause.

What about Mardi Gras in New Orleans? Or the hubbub in Rio? Stay tuned with what’s coming up soon here on our blog. We got you covered.

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Photos from Mauro Pellegrini, Fabrizio, ianuab, uwekulick, and tchukk.