TwitterTuesday: Silver

Lead me to the light and I will follow
RomanK PhotographyLead me to the light and I will follow
Crossing Hunza River Without Possibly Looking Down
zeregaCrossing Hunza River Without Possibly Looking Down
Open door
vpickeringOpen door
Moth Major
Massis__Moth Major
Taj Mahal, Agra, India
sandeepachetan.comTaj Mahal, Agra, India

Odeon Sunlight.
knicksenOdeon Sunlight.
The Well of Knowledge
cbrutelThe Well of Knowledge

354/365 Cooper Union
Andriy Prokopenko354/365 Cooper Union

This time we are surprised because many of you were in sync about the selected themes. You easily found #Silver everywhere and we are very happy to see how beautifully you captured its presence everywhere. You made an evolution going from fish to the sea ending on a dangerous crossing over a bridge in Pakistan. Have a look and check out all the rest of your amazing submissions.

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