Mono Monday: The tide comes in

There were many amazing submissions from last week’s Mono Monday, and these were a few of our favorites. We look forward to seeing your top picks this week. Remember to include #MonoMonday when you tweet @flickr or when you comment on Flickr’s Facebook stream.

Rebel fighters, eastern DR Congo
jonny hoggRebel fighters, eastern DR Congo
Turkish Woman (mono)
jonny hoggTurkish Woman (mono)
Tunggu sekejap.
[n]Tunggu sekejap.
Aya Self-ia
jonny hoggAya Self-ia
self & daughter
nlwirthself & daughter
Cannon Beach 3
nlwirthCannon Beach 3
Eleni ★IMG_1835
Baumreihe im Morgengrauen
StefanBBaumreihe im Morgengrauen
Icelandic Horse
VoimäkiIcelandic Horse
Is the dark side stronger?
Margot in LoveIs the dark side stronger?