Throwback Thursday: Vintage hairstyles to then-and-now selfies

We’ve reached the third installment of our weekly review of the photographic past. For this throwback adventure, our contributors invited us to visually explore vintage British hairstyles, a ’40s U.S. National Guard chow line, unusual college basketball, then-and-now selfies that spans nine years of fatherhood, and more.

Polytechnic School of Hairdressing

“The School of Hairdressing formed part of the Craft Schools at Regent Street Polytechnic. The Polytechnic Magazine reported that …

‘About 1900, Major Robert Mitchell, the Director of Education of the Poly, decided, much against the advice of the L.C.C. officials, who prophesied failure, to commence
Evening instruction in Ladies’ Hairdressing, and appointed the late Mr. Tom Foakes to take charge of the work. He began with only a few students, but the experiment was a brilliant success and the classes were quickly working to capacity. After the 1914-18 war the Polytechnic was asked to give training in Hairdressing to disabled soldiers and this was carried out Ex-Service Disabled Men. Mr. Welsh took
on the Day Instruction at this point, whilst Mr. Thornton held himself responsible for the Evening work. On the death of
Mr. Welsh in I920 Mr. Liberty took charge of the Day Department numbering II students, in the premises at Balderton Street.’

This number rose to 53 by the time the Department was absorbed into the Craft
School in 1929.” – University of Westminster Archive Services


“Members of the 175th Regiment, 29th Infantry Division, in chow line wearing full gear to include helmets and rifles on May 18, 1944.” – Maryland National Guard

Junior Class Donkey Basketball

“Junior Class Donkey Basketball Game, held in the Ritchie Coliseum on March 6, 1959, to benefit Campus Chest.” – Digital Collections at the University of Maryland

Sutton Square, March 1992

“Sutton Square, March 1992 [New York].” – Aonghais Mac

'Lion' locomotive arriving at the Museum of Liverpool

“The famous railway locomotive Lion arrived at the Museum of Liverpool in July 2011.” – National Museums Liverpool

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