Precious Petra of Jordan

Designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, the ancient city of Petra, Jordan, offers carved-rock architecture unlike any other, some of which may have been built back in the 5th century BCE.

Petra By Night

“This was one of the more stressful shoots I’ve been on in the last year. I had really wanted a shot of this place at night, with the candles, stars and, most importantly, no people!”

“Thankfully, due to some great planning and preparation, I finally got the shot I always wanted!” – Conor MacNeill

A Grand Building Carved Into The Stone In Petra, Jordan

“Another grand building in Petra, which you can climb up to and go inside. Other buildings are closed. You can see in some of the upper windows that rocks are blocking the windows. When Burckhardt discovered Petra it was covered in centuries of rubble, and earthquake damage, but he knew immediately he’d found the lost city. It has since been cleared and is quite magnificent.” – Louise Lindsay

Monastery at Night, Petra, Jordan

“Never seen shots of Petra’s Monastery at night, this beautiful giant deserves one.” – Xiao Yang

Nabataean Theatre, Petra, Jordan
Ameeta DeshpandeNabataean Theatre, Petra, Jordan

“Petra’s theater is cut out of solid rock. The theater is actually Nabataean and was constructed long before the Romans entered Petra.” – Ameeta Deshpande


Because of its ornate and well-preserved facade, the Treasury building is probably the most recognizable monument of Petra.

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