Mono Monday: Fog

For Mono Monday this week, an outstanding panorama by Ray Jennings captivated us and led us on a search for more photography of scenes in foggy conditions. And to our delight, there are plenty of them to appreciate.

Gorilla in the Mist
Ray Jennings AUGorilla in the Mist

“Revisited the Paulownia Plantation at Richmond with the Focus group during the week and scored some lovely foggy conditions.” – Ray Jennings

屏東里龍山日出雲海- 12
billlushana1屏東里龍山日出雲海- 12

Mudan Township, Taiwan, Taiwan.

Fin WrightChulilla

Chulilla, Valencia, Spain.

Machu Picchu
unukornoMachu Picchu

Machu Picchu, Peru.

Day 42 of Project 365
from the lens of GDay 42 of Project 365

Tay bridge in Dundee, Scotland.

Sea Mist
Sky NoirSea Mist

“Mist and fog on Grandview Island beach. The rocks just off shore are the ruins of Back River lighthouse, destroyed in 1956 by Hurricane Flossy.” – Bill Dickinson

t h r o u g h . t h e . f o g
Teemu Oksanent h r o u g h . t h e . f o g

Yosemite National Park, California, U.S.

Powell, Ohio, U.S.

Foggy London
SpannaramaFoggy London

London, U.K.


Rainier National Park, Washington, U.S.

Please feel free to share your best monochrome photos by tweeting your Flickr images with #MonoMonday or add a comment to our Facebook and Google+ pages. Thanks to everyone who participated last week.