Galleries galore

When announcing our new 50 photo limit for galleries, we asked you to share some of your favorites with us. Here are some of them from the Flickr Central thread that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Finding faces in unexpected places

“It’s not easy finding faces,” Jody Smith says. “They normally find you first!” Jody is the creator of the Flickr group Faces in Places, a quirky and creative collection of photos capturing human like faces in everyday objects that we want to show you in our latest episode of The Weekly Flickr.

Flickr Friday: The JetLag Selection

Congratulations and thank you for your great contributions for #FlickrFriday! We felt jet lagged, we lost all notions of time, we traveled with you between sleep and awakening, trying to keep our eyes open. We saw the world’s shape blurred and vague. Now we all need a good night’s sleep!

Twitter Tuesday: Jump

Our #TwitterTuesday theme for the day is #Jump. You have until midnight to take or share your one favorite Jump shot from your photostream with us on Twitter.