The Time Has Come for Flickr Marketplace Photos in Search!

Last year, we announced an evolution in our relationship with Getty Images. The goal, at that time, was to begin custom-curating photos from our amazing community of photographers for possible licensing opportunities. Today, we are happy to announce that we have simplified the purchasing process for buyers worldwide. Anyone can now easily locate these photos for licensing purposes through the Flickr platform by using our Advanced Search tools.

What does this mean for you? As a Flickr Marketplace photographer, any buyer, anywhere, at anytime, can now search for Flickr Marketplace photos and license this content with ease.

The search and checkout process is extremely straightforward to use. Like searching for public domain and commercial use work, selecting “Flickr Marketplace” under license type filters your search results to include only those photos that are available for licensing through Getty Images.

Marketplace photos in search 01

In addition, there is a new “license” button on those photos that are enrolled in the Flickr Marketplace. The button appears upon hover on Marketplace photos within any regular set of search results and as a fixed icon above the license type directly on the photo page.

Marketplace photos in search 02

Clicking on either of these “license” buttons will take you directly to Getty Images to obtain the right to use the photo. You can then follow the easy checkout process on Getty Images and have your license and high resolution scan within minutes!

Marketplace photos in search 03

Give this new licensing experience a try by clicking here and searching for words like “parent” or “dog.” Be sure to also select some advanced search features like color or orientation to see how they work! We hope that you enjoy the new licensing experience through Flickr.