Throwback Thursday: Cities – The Selection

Last week’s Flickr #TBT theme was #Cities! A big thank you to all who participated in our weekly challenge, shared their photos from all around the world and took a walk with us down memory lane! Here’s a selection of our favorite photos.

Check out the new theme here.

look sideways
Berlin - Potsdamer Platz
London - view to Big Ben (Elizabeth Tower)
Iranian Revolution
Mumbai slums.
Patel Chowk Metro under Construction 2
10 Av
Graffitis everywhere...
Dia  1328.jpg
Tormenta eléctrica Medellín

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Stella ist Community Managerin für Flickr und verfasst Beiträge für den Flickr Blog. Sie lebt und arbeitet in München.

Stella is a Community Manager for Flickr and an editor on the Flickr Blog. She lives and works in Munich, Germany.