Wrecks of Truk Lagoon by Catherine Marshall

We noticed Catherine Marshall has been busy capturing what she’s seen in her diving adventures. And after admiring over 200 of her photo albums, we asked Catherine to give us a little insight into her story as an underwater photographer, particularly her explorations of Japanese military shipwrecks in Micronesia.

Photographer Spotlight: Anthony Samaniego

We’re excited to profile Anthony Samaniego, a Los Angeles-based photographer whose remarkable portfolio delights us and gives us pause to speculate how he captured his shots. Shooting exclusively on film, he creates moody double exposures and fantastic blurs that make you want to embrace the Southern California cool aesthetic.

Photographer Spotlight: Eduardo Acierno

Eduardo Acierno realized his first success in photography using an old point-and-shoot camera; he edits his amazing work with a free, open-source software program. He wants to drive home a point, that anyone can take great photos and anyone can do it with modest equipment.

Photographer Spotlight: Morey Spellman

20-year-old fine art photographer PtoIemy sets out to interview conceptual artists from Flickr this summer. His upcoming book “The Fine Art of Photography” will feature their work and share their stories alongside the diary of his own adventure touring through the US and Canada to meet and collaborate those exceptional photographers.

Photographer Spotlight: David Olkarny

David Olkarny is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker based in Brussels. Studying cinematography, he discovered his passion for still photography. Read on to get to know his story of becoming the amazing fashion and portrait photographer he is today.