Photographer Spotlight: Hudson Rodrigues

For today’s Photographer Sportlight, we’re talking to Hudson Rodrigues, a photographer who shows the hidden beauty in the concrete jungles of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hudson tells us what fascinates him about photography, his journey and struggle to get started with his lenses, and how he sees the world through them.

Photographer Spotlight: Ryan Brenizer

New York photographer Ryan Brenizer has spent his whole life running from boredom. Somehow this chase led him to the world of wedding photography—where he skillfully manages the chaos and unpredictable nature of a wedding day in order to capture the most authentic and beautiful moments possible. His success in doing so has led him to being named one of the Top-10 wedding photographers in the world, by American Photo and Rangefinder Magazines.

20under20 Spotlight: Berta Vicente

Spanish photographer Berta Vicente mesmerized our 20under20 panel of judges for the way she uses the environment around her to create marvelous scenes that hearken back to painters from the Renaissance. Read this wonderful Q&A with the budding star.