20under20 Spotlight: Berta Vicente

Spanish photographer Berta Vicente mesmerized our 20under20 panel of judges for the way she uses the environment around her to create marvelous scenes that hearken back to painters from the Renaissance. Read this wonderful Q&A with the budding star.

Photographer Spotlight: Brendan Marris

As an avid underworld explorer and photographer, Brendan Marris has compiled iconic shots of the vast cave systems in the U.K., particularly the chambers and tunnels of South Wales. He’s kindly shared his experiences in a spelunker’s paradise — full of crystal-lined chambers, dangerously slick passageways, and amazing natural mazes.

Photographer Spotlight: Conor MacNeill

Conor MacNeill quit his day job to become a full-time photographer only three years after picking up a cheap DSLR for the first time. The Irish photographer fell so deeply in love with his craft that he was willing to risk the stability of the rat race to pursue his dream. We’re happy to share his story with you in this Photographer Spotlight.

20under20 Spotlight: Katharina Jung

Katharina is a fine-art and portrait photographer from Hermeskeil, Germany, and one of our 20under20. Since February 2013, she converts her daydreams into images. After finishing her diploma as a media designer in June 2014 she will go to Bali and travel through New Zealand with her camera. Read on for our full interview.