Photographer Spotlight: Reuben Wu

From industrial designer to touring musician for Ladytron to exhibiting photographer, Reuben shares his creative experiences. “It’s all about narrative and pace,” he says. And after hundreds of destinations visited and over a dozen years of photo experimentation, he has an amazing oeuvre for us to appreciate.

Regard de photographe : Donovan Heneman

Donovan Heneman a 33 ans, il est infirmier et passionné de photos. Il photographie simplement ce qui l’entoure et aime partager ses découvertes ou les évènements qui l’ont marqué. Le plus important dans la photographie selon Donovan, c’est de “se faire plaisir !”. Découvrez dans cette interview Flickr, le très beau regard que ce photographe pose sur le monde qui l’entoure.

20under20 Spotlight: Alex Benetel

Alex Benetel is from Sydney, Australia, and became interested in photography after taking a visual design course at the age of 16. She has since been published in Russia’s Harper’s Bazaar, showcased her work in Sydney, and has been fortunate enough to travel, meet, and collaborate with other artists.

20under20 judge: Lou Noble

Lou Noble (aka Lou O’ Bedlam) defines himself with this simple statement on his site: “I take pictures, save lives, surf, eat pumpkin-related products. No big whup.” But for us, he’s a big whup. We found it necessary to get to know him more, especially because we selected Lou to join the judge panel for our inaugural 20under20 celebration, highlighting 20 talented young photographers on Flickr.

20under20 Spotlight: Zev Hoover

While other kids at 10 were reading comics and young adult books, Zev Hoover was poring through online Photoshop tutorials. Now 15, Zev is the youngest of the Flickr 20under20 and the judges who selected him were mesmerized by how remarkable his art is and where they imagine he will take it in the coming years.