The Faces of the Europe’s Refugee Highway

Social documentary photographer Steve Evans has had his passport stamped in more than 100 countries and photographed thousands of people over the years. His mission: tell people’s stories and amplify the voice in their eyes. With increasing politicization of the refugee crisis in Europe and the United States, Steve published a collection of his images that document his experience with refugees.

Out of the Machine and Into the Bucegi

Amid the din of clicking keys and the day to day lines of software code, George Pancescu’s spirit was slowly imploding as it clamored for a world more freeing than that of the machine. “We don’t belong here,” his spirit cooed. “Take us into the mountains.”

Growing with Flickr Groups – A Family and Friends’ Affair

Maelia Rouch, an ebullient amateur photographer from Campana, Buenos Aires, Argentina found her home and community within the Flickr Family once she started interacting with multiple groups. Armed with nothing but a craft drawer and standard Nikon she has honed her skills by working with photographers from different countries, using bright colors and macro textures to make everyone’s day a little bit happier.

Two Worlds Intertwined

Some shy kids pick up a book, others a pen or a musical instrument. Vincent Bourilhon picked up the family’s one camera at the age of 18 and finally started to find his voice.

Balancing the Narrative in Detroit

Detroit has a reputation for financial hardship, urban decay and slow emotional recovery following the recession. Take a look at Brian Day’s photography and you’ll see expected elements – worn buildings and tired infrastructure – but you’ll also notice a strong and subtle resilience in the cracks and shadows of Motown.