Girl’s Disney dream comes true

Have you ever had that moment when you see a child’s face light up with pure joy… but realize you forgot your camera? San Diego’s Angela Bonser has dedicated much of her photography to make sure her child’s moments of bliss are captured in a special way. The mom of two has taken hundreds of heartwarming photos of her youngest daughter, Haylie, dressed like a princess at Disneyland, and Angela handmade her daughter’s costumes, making Haylie’s experience even more memorable!

“It’s every little girl’s dream to dress up and play princess for [the] day,” she tells The Weekly Flickr in the accompanying video. “And the fact that I’ve ‘literally’ had a hand in making it happen for my daughter is everything to me.”

Ironically, Angela never liked to sew. But during her motherhood, she discovered that dressing her oldest daughter, Ashlie, in pretty dresses and taking photos of her was becoming overly expensive!

Twirling Auroras

“One Christmas, when Ashlie was a one-year-old, my mom went out and bought me a sewing machine and said, ‘It’s time. You’re going to learn how to sew,’” Angela recalls. “I did NOT want to learn how to sew, but I decided, ‘Okay this is the time, I’ll just do it.’ So I went out, bought all the supplies I needed and made my first dress. From then on, shockingly, I was hooked!”

Angela immediately began sewing all the time.

“I couldn’t stop sewing!” Angela says. “I sewed mainly dresses for my daughter. I loved taking her out on photography sessions, so I could record her cuteness and also my creations. When I found out in 2002 I was pregnant with my second daughter, Haylie, I was so excited knowing I had another child I could sew for!”

In 2009, Angela and her family moved to San Diego. And a few months later, they took their first trip to Disneyland.

“One of the things I noticed was the amount of little girls running around dressed like Disney princesses,” Angela recalls. “I thought that looked like so much fun, so I convinced my youngest, Haylie, to be Snow White for Halloween that year. I had always wanted to make that costume, but now I was extra determined — thinking she could wear it at Disneyland and have even more fun with it.”

When Angela returned to Disneyland a few months later with Haylie dressed in her Snow White costume, the response was overwhelming.

“Everywhere we went, people were dying to know where she got that dress,” Angela says. “Most people thought I must have paid hundreds of dollars to have it custom made, or that a grandma had made it! I guess I didn’t look like someone who knew how to sew. People were always shocked when they found out I made the dress.”

Angela recalls the Disney cast members loved seeing Haylie in costume. Many of them played along acting as if she was a really princess. In return, Haylie too loved playing along with the characters. Angela described it as an incredible moment.

“My daughter had so much fun on that trip, and I just thought, ‘We can keep doing this, and I can keep creating. It’s like getting to sew costumes all the time, which was my favorite kind of sewing anyway’”, Angela says. “I also thought it was such a fun way [for Haylie] to experience childhood — given the reaction of the cast members and everyone at Disneyland… so I decided to keep doing it!”

Angela drew inspiration for making the costumes from many different places. At times, it was from the beautiful fabrics she’d find while out shopping. Other times, she’d pick her favorite characters either she or Haylie would come across at Disneyland.

“I’ve done Alice, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Aurora, Jedi, Giselle from Enchanted — you name it,” Angela says. “By far, the most challenging dress I ever made was the green Ariel park dress. Finding the fabrics was very difficult, but I remember scouring online, and I actually found the exact same trim that Ariel used on her dress. It was so great to see it come together.”

Angela’s favorite costume she ever made happened to be Haylie’s as well – Mary Poppins.

“I remember when we got to the park. We hadn’t even entered yet, but the reaction of all the other people in line was just overwhelming,” Angela remembers. “No one else had ever seen a little tiny Mary Poppins before. That’s not something you can buy. People were just blown away.”

“[When] we got into the park, we looked over and saw Burt coming with this big huge smile on his face,” Angela says. “Haylie ran up to him and gave him a huge hug and those two danced like she was really Mary Poppins!”

“When Mary Poppins finally came out, the look on her face was just precious,” Angela recalls beaming.” She was so excited, and they just bonded instantly!”

The most memorable moment for Angela was when Mary Poppins and Burt took Haylie on the carousel. Haylie got to ride Mary Poppins’ very own horse, Jingles — who’s infamous at Disneyland.

Throughout the years, Angela has received many requests to sew costumes for other children for money. However she’s refused every single time.

“That’s not something I ever wanted to do,” Angela says. “I never wanted to make it a job. I just enjoyed my daughter being the only one with that costume — something that’s uniquely her own.”

Today, Angela looks back on her “Disneyland Years” photos fondly — mainly seeing Haylie’s face filled with such joy.

“Haylie had so much fun immersing herself in the characters and making so many friends, both characters and park guests,” Angela says. ”For her, it was years of magical and wonderful Disneyland memories that she will never forget. I think she will always remember her mom running backwards, trying not to fall off a curb, or not to run into someone, snapping pictures like a crazy woman not wanting to miss any of these amazing moments!”

“I’m just shocked at the joy that my photos and my costumes have brought to other people,” Angela admits. “I really thought it was going to just be something personal for me and my family, but it seems like they truly have spread joy to so many people.”

Visit Angela’s photostream to see more of her photography.

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#FlickFriday: Everything Must Go

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Let it go..

This week’s theme for #FlickrFriday is all about detachment. Whether it’s objects, furniture, old clothes, or even feelings, next week, we want you to get rid of all, because #EverythingMustGo. Let it go completely, but show us how through your amazing photos.

Take a shot from today until next Friday when we announce the new theme, and submit it to the group for a chance to be featured. You can also invite your friends to participate by retweeting us or sharing our status.

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CC-BY source photo from K.Prarin Lekuthai.

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#Flickr10 Samplr Day 10: The Final One

Iditarod 2013:  Luan Ramos Marques leaving Unalakleet

Pumpkin Fry Pie    Ulm Cathedral. Confessional.

Through The Window

In the city october

Colours of Iceland - redone

Game #39/365 On Top

Guilty Art

For our concluding #Flickr10 Samplr, we decided to showcase a random selection from our favorites that did not make it into our previous thematic posts. We hope you enjoy them. If you can’t get enough of these best shots from the past 10 years, visit the #Flickr10 group pool and explore the other favorie.

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Photos from GlennCantor (theskepticaloptimist), Marie Z. Williams, curiousl, Peter Sawers, Steve Clasper, jordan parks, Zanthia, A. Aleksandravičius, Osarieme, and © Miss Town.

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#FlickrFriday: The #TheBusStop Selection

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The Bus Stop

Waiting for a bus Exeter High Street Bus Stop...

Hassle free.

Bus Stop Under Tungsten Lamp

busstop Waiting for...

Tag 181 "Bus-Stop" & "night"


l'arrêt d'bus  #Flickr Friday #TheBusStop # The Bus Stop : In the wind

The Busker Stop

Our last Flickr Friday theme was about waiting. Waiting to go to work, waiting to go back home, to go to school, or maybe to visit someone. People of all ages united by the same reason in the sidewalk: the bus will be coming soon. The theme was #TheBusStop, and these are some of our favorite submissions to the Flickr Friday group.

Many of you also took the time to pick your favorites and present them in the galleries of favorites thread that you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s never too late: We invite you to go through the pool, create a gallery of your favorite contributions and share it.

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#Flickr10 Samplr Day 9: Home Sweet Home

Polaroid Clothesline

Rock Fish Love is the sweetest thing (Explored)

Chair / Table

coming up for air happy 10th birthday, flickr!

Well hey there, li’l buddy!

cottage Quiet life.

The Book

Those beautiful calm moments when we are at home, surrounding us with neat things, having a nice warm drink, some treats, and a good book to read… Those are the moments captured in these 10 photos from the #Flickr10 group, your favorites submitted in celebration of our 10th anniversary.

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Photos from SOMETHiNG MONUMENTAL, Dawn Endico, Pfish44, Osarieme Eweka, Kelsey Elinor, *Cinnamon, phil dokas, jordan parks, Hello i’m Wild !, and Sharon Drummond.

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#Flickr10 Samplr Day 8: City Life


Quartier Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre #flickr10 Shadow and light

Limpieza Cromática / Chromatic Cleaning

YIP360: Milwaukee Art Museum Vancouver Public Library

Time Is Running Out | Day 299/365

Brickwall Stillspotting

Groninger Museum staircase; Groningen

Enjoy this selection of urban life photos showing people and their interactions with the architecture that surrounds them.

You submited these photos to the #Flickr10 group in celebration of our 10th anniversary. Also check out our previous Samplr themes, and stay tuned for more Samplrs coming your way this week. Thanks for all your great contributions!

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Photos from [~Bryan~], FranekN, Pankcho, Cybergabi, Frank Fujimoto,, ♫CoolMcFlash♫, thomasrost, and iharsten.

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Hawaii’s forbidden ‘Stairway to Heaven’

What began as a rickety wood pathway to install antenna cables over a cliff in 1942 has become a hiker’s enigma often called the “Stairway to Heaven.”

World War II motivated the U.S. military to build a radio transceiver station atop Hawaii’s Puʻukeahiakahoe mountain. The station sent low-frequency signals to communicate with submarines navigating around Japan. The Haiku Stairs (Haʻikū means “sharp break” in Hawaiian) offers a steep 2,500-foot ascent on Oahu that reaches the now abandoned station. Despite receiving an $875,000 metal renovation in 2003, according to, the trail is forbidden to many visitors wanting to endure the series of steps. The prohibition, nevertheless, hasn’t held back everyone from the climb and arriving at its wonderful island landscape views.

Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven

Haiku Stairs

We asked the Friends of Haiku Stairs (FHS) volunteer organization to get the inside scoop on the popular attraction:

What’s the current status and future of the Haiku Stairs?

FHS: Climbing on the stairs is illegal without consent from the owners — there are several, and they asked us not to share all of their names. The Friends of Haiku Stairs have a working agreement with all of the owners and are trying to obtain the newly required $1 million insurance policy that one of the owners is requiring us to have before we can even access them again, and that is only for maintenance and not recreation.

There is a continued movement to demolish the stairs altogether that is being fueled by people accessing them illegally. We believe there’s a better solution: Open the stairs to allow people to climb in safe conditions and that will alleviate the trespassing. To get there, we need political will.

Is it safe to climb the stairs?

FHS: The stairs are safe to climb if conditions are favorable, with caution, and in the daylight. People continue to access them illegally through the neighborhoods; or worse, they try to access them from the back side which is a treacherous, dangerous hike. The result is a surge in emergency calls and a strain on efforts from police and rescue teams.

View from the Omega station 2

Haiku Pump Station


Photos from jselanikio, geekyrocketguy, thejoltjoker, Kyle Ford, John.Mccluskey, Michael Keany, bennyboie, and ERiN SiTT.

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#TwitterTuesday: Lake

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08 - June - 2013:  Clouds over Mount Snowdon

Obersee/Königsee   Lago del Predil

Melissani lake

Central Park-The Lake, 11.02.13

St Stephen's G.   Canadian Dane at Lake Ontario, Toronto

there is always hope

Laaksolahdenlaituri   Sørvágsvatn II


Lakes can be a fascinating sight and a great subject for your photos. Tiny ones let you capture beautiful reflections of the shoreline or invite you for a swim crossing over to the other side. The larger variety can appear as large as the sea with boats and ships passing by. You showed us your favorite lakes and here is our selection of favorites from the ones you shared with us on Twitter.

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Photos from Ash if, tom_p, ferle, Elios.k, gigi_nyc, andresnavarro01, Kyra Savolainen, I\I-I, Antti Tassberg, OlivierWan, and silvinare.

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Light art in Singapore

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rain or light

Photos of i Light Marina Bay 2014, “Asia’s only sustainable light art festival,” featuring an international group of artists with a display of 28 innovative light installations in Singapore’s scenic Marina Bay.

See, and share, more photos of art in the Light Art in Singapore gallery.

Photos from Chris Elemos, S.L. Chan, chooyutshing, kieranburgess, and eddielimcs.

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#Flickr10 Samplr Day 7: Love & Passion

creating a dream


Latin Passion

Pour l'amour du vélo Love in Riga


kiss. love

Tender Love

Young lovers, cute couples, and strong relationships. In this selection of some of your favorites we tried to capture the heartfelt emotions that were also a common theme in the beautiful photos you submitted to the #Flickr10 group in celebration of our 10th anniversary.

You can see all our previous Samplr themes on FlickrBlog, and we’ll be back with the next installment tomorrow. Thanks again for all your submissions.

Photos from ESPRIT CONFUS, Spaceopera, joyrex, Braeden Petruk, StylelaB, fede_gen88, La fille renne, angsthase., ANG-5, and Frank J. Casella | Photographer.

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