Questions for the Jury: Eliot Shepard


We wanted to give you an opportunity to meet the stellar jury who considered your contributions to The Blink of an Eye.  We posed five questions* and we’ll be posting a new interview each day this week. First up, Eliot Shepard. We were thrilled when Eliot agreed to be a part of The Blink of an Eye. We’ve been inspired by his photography for years.

Eliot, Describe yourself in three words.

Up too late.

What one place, person or thing would you run off to photograph if you found the Golden Ticket?

Maybe I’d buy a 1960 Ford Falcon and drive and photo from Hudson Bay to the Panama Canal, or something. I’m not that tied in to locale, though. I’ll try and work anywhere there are people who are willing to be talked into showing me their rooms.

Actually, I would like to go to Vietnam, but mostly to stuff myself.

What’s your "desert island" camera?

I only have the one, which I like ok. Ideally someday I think I’d like a digital camera with a waist-level finder.

What inspires you?

The reality of other people. My marriage. Tacos al pastor. Sternfeld, Arbus, Winogrand. Mark Powell. Problems. Drive Like Jehu. The 2004 ALCS. Getting out of the goddamned house.

What’s the photograph that got away?

I have a terrible memory, so luckily I don’t have to dwell on this topic much. I do recall one day on the train there was a man, all in black with long gray dreadlocks, eyes closed and smiling to himself as he  rolled a gumball with a green eye printed on it around and around between his hands…

Bonus question: Kitten, baby, sunset or flower?

Kitten. Unless the baby’s got stuff on its face. Always a winner.

Thank you, Eliot. Tomorrow we’ll share our interview with Kevin Meredith. If you’re in the New York area on August 2nd, we hope that you can join us for The Blink of an Eye.

*Six if you count our bonus question — how about you?

Photo by Eliot Shepard.