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This is so awesome!! The team at Yahoo! News has been in touch with Flickr users in Bangkok and gotten permission to put together a slideshow of shots showing the scene following Thailand’s coup. There is also an audio track from an interview with Flickr user Dan Caspersz.

I’ve been following the story in little breaks in the frantic work day and wondering what the situation was like on the streets. This was the best possible way to capture it. To watch, click the graphic below and it’ll pop open in a new window (you can also find it on the News’ front page.)

An Audio Slideshow from Yahoo! News

Elsewhere at Yahoo!, our brothers and sisters on the Maps team have been working the satellite imagery updates as fast as they can to make Flickr’s maps even better. The latest round of updates cover many locations around the world, including this little A-to-Z: Antwerp, Bora Bora, Bordeaux, Cannes, Nice, Monaco, French Riveria, Lisbon, Minsk, Puebla, Springfield, Whistler, Winnipeg, Zurich. Hooray! And, more soon of course :)

Finally, Yahoo! Video & Current TV announced their partnership yesterday, and as mentioned elsewhere around the web, it’s pretty darn good. Check it out: