Hack Day 06

Hacking single point perspective on a grand scale

Yahoo! Hack Day   Storytime with Cal

Lifehacker   .

Filo does the PR thang    DUF

On Friday and Saturday the Yahoo! Sunyvale campus played host to our first ever open Hack Day. While it’s something that yahoos have been participating in internally for some time, this was the first event where we threw open our doors to the developer community at large.

Friday, or rather "Developer Day" included presentations from a variety of yahoos across the company including Cal who announced our new support for JSON and serialized
output formats. And then the hacking began culminating with the presentation of 56 hacks on Saturday afternoon, many of which included the Flickr API.

The overall "Most Outstanding" hack was awarded to BloggingInMotion, a custom designed handbag rigged with a pedometer and cameraphone, which uploaded Flickr photos every so many steps and geotagged them via Zonetag. The Flickr team awarded a
the "Best Flickr Hack" to the Color Field
Camera. The color field camera is a vintage Herco Imperial 620 camera (but filled with high-tech components) that composites live video with Flickr images that match the overall color of the frame.

Beck at Yahoo! Hack Day    .

Oh, have I mentioned Beck? Between the presentations and the hacking, we were entertained by Beck (and puppets). Check out the movie he made for us.
I think it’s safe to say that a grand time was had by all. See more photos tagged with "hackday06" and "yahoohackday".

Photos from pinhole, Laughing Squid, Ben Margolin, Tom Coates, Mr.Donut, lhl and bitmapr. Cowritten with Matthew Rothenberg.