G’day mate!

Classic Bondi

I recently discovered estelucy’s divine photos of beach life in Australia. When people ask me what Australian culture’s all about, I often end up explaining our love of the beach. I have wonderful memories about the hours and hours I spent in the surf, often only coming on to land once in a whole day for a quick refreshment. I can’t say I ever did this though:

“Growing up a surfie girl our boyfriends would urge us to cut out their names in paper, tape them to our stomachs, then sunbake so we’d get a tan tattoo in the shape of their names. Consequently, if I ever get skin cancer I’ll have a melanoma called Bruce.”
Kathy Lette

If I think too long about what time it is back home, my head starts to hurt. You see, for our Australian friends, Australia Day has already happened, but for me here in San Francisco, it’s only just started. Plus, the seasons are reversed, and yes, the water does go down the drain the other way.

Here endeth the 3rd annual Australia Day post. (And thanks to estelucy for that great quote.)