Commemorating the US Election of 2008

Voting Machine   Waiting to vote

which line to stand on?? everyone is confused.   Baracking the Vote #3

Today’s the day!

Americans across the United States are casting their votes in what could be a historic election. There are many memories to be recorded – standing in long lines at the polls, displaying the iconic “I Voted” stickers, scenes from Election Day parties – as well as the interested onlookers from across the globe.

Please join us in commemorating this day by joining our “US Election 2008” group and sharing a photo taken today. We plan to exhibit photos from this group during Inauguration Day activities on January 20, 2009. The group is open to any Flickr member worldwide – don’t forget to geotag your photos to show them on the map!

Photos by John C Abell, rybesh, urzzz, and Kate Anne.