Genealogy in the Commons

People are discovering their relatives in photos from The Commons, the world’s public archives on Flickr. It’s fascinating to read the connections.

[Frank Metz, first baseman, Boston NL (baseball)] (LOC)

My grandfather Benjamin Franklin Metz b 2/21/1883, d 3/22/1954. Opening Day at the Polo Grounds, NY 4/10/1913 – Braves 8, Giants 0. This photo was probably taken within the next day or so, as others in this group have a date of 4/11/13 or 4/12/13 written on them. Game 2 against the Giants was played 4/17/13 at home in Boston. – pfmetz

J.G. Smith, Lily Smith, Walter Brickett (LOC)

Oh my gosh! How bizzare! Walter is my great great grandfather… – Patricia Snook.

Walter Brickett is also my grand grandfather too!! wow we’re related ,small world right! – Henry8362.

Hi Henry! Ha ha, we’ve just read your comment with the family recovering around the christmas dinner table, after a HUGE meal. My grandma is Walter Sydeny’s Daughter, the oldest son of Walter Septimus…. My grandmother is very interested, and amazed that you can connect so easily online! – Patricia Snook.

[Sylvia Sweets Tea Room, corner of School and Main streets, Brockton, Mass.] (LOC)

Sylvia Sweets Tea Room: My father, John Dayos started Sylvia Sweets Tea Room in the early thirties. He had worked for many years at Liggett’s Drug Store across the street as a “Patent Man” but after getting married in 1929, he soon decided he wanted to own his own business as so many Greek immigrants did. – soistaile.

Click through the photos below for more personal stories:

Major Syd Addison and Lieutenant Hudson Fysh in a Bristol Fighter aircraft    [Small farm of John P. Collins, Taunton, Mass.] (LOC)

Frederica Annis Lopez de Leo de Laguna (1906-2004), standing and talking at meeting with Kaj Birket-Smith (1893-1977)    Servants and Curman family, Lysekil, Sweden

Try out a search of the Commons (or browse the photostreams of a particular institution) to see if you can have any personal connections there. You can share these stories with other members in the Flickr Commons group. We’d love to hear them!

Photos from the Library of Congress, Australian War Memorial, Smithsonian Institution and Swedish National Heritage Board.