Your Worst Shot 2010

HDR Christmas Tree   More prawns!

Blurry Sasha

IMG_0190    Potato Pizza

Mr Hanky and friends wish you a Merry Christmas    Enjoyment of art?

spontaneous combustion    Week 1/52: Newspaper Chaos

Over the past month, Flickr members have been submitting their most fabulous shots of 2010 in the Your Best Shot 2010 Flickr group. Your Worst Shot is a discussion thread (started by Samm Bennett last year, and made a tradition by Ricardipus this year) is where you can show off the photo you deem to be your ‘worst’ shot of the year.

Blurred from shaking hands? Out of focus? Boring? Hopelessly clichéd? Post it here!

And, if you like, give us a little back-story – what was it? What was it SUPPOSED to be? And why the heck did you post it on Flickr in the first place? – Ricardipus Your Worst Shot 2010 discussion thread

We’ll be closing the Your Best Shot 2010 group pool on January 15th. So if you haven’t already added your photo, get your thinking hat on, figure out what your best shot of 2010 was and share it before it’s too late!

Photos from IABoomerFlickr, puddie7, s.kosoris, haleequemta, kightp, Doppelganger., Firago, Hred pics and TrainManTy.