Help raise awareness about PIPA & SOPA

Two bills are currently being considered in the U.S. Congress: PIPA the “Protect IP Act” and SOPA the “Stop Online Piracy Act.”  Both are designed to address a legitimate problem – foreign-based websites that are engaging in digital piracy and trafficking in counterfeit goods.  Unfortunately, we and many others believe that these bills miss the mark.  These bills have the potential to stifle innovation, require censorship of search results, impose monitoring obligations, and change the way information is distributed on the web.   Government regulation of online activities is a slippery slope and these proposed bills fall down that slope without truly addressing the issues that ignited this debate.

With the pending votes on these bills, Flickr is joining other sites on the web on January 18th to help raise awareness about the potential impacts of this legislation.

If you would like to participate in this awareness campaign, Flickr is letting members darken their photos — or the photos of others — for a 24-hour period to deprive the web of the rich content that makes it thrive.  Your symbolic act will help draw attention to this issue and let others know about the potential harmful impacts of these bills.

A few notes, members can darken 10 photos**. It will only be hidden on the photo page so you can still see it in the Lightbox or slideshow. If you don’t want others to darken your photos, you may choose to opt-out from any photo.

If you are a concerned about these bills we encourage you to learn more at

If you are a U.S. Citizen you can also get information on how to contact your representatives in congress at

** Update 9:27am January 18, 2012: We removed the 10 limit, you can darken to your dark heart’s dark desire.

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Shades of red

Holga 135

slow down

23 Rosso

bristol, england

Sometimes, when looking at your friend’s favorites, or recent uploads on Flickr, unusual patterns start to emerge. There can suddenly be a multitude of portraits or landscapes, black & whites, overexposed and underexposed photos, or simply shades of red.

Photos from Lua Corujeira., Lita Bosch, SuperDewa, MauroMille, and Megan Brim.

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Costa Concordia run aground off the Italian coast

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Il corredo buono




Costa Concordia Shipwreck

Passengers had just settled down to a relaxed dinner when the first shock was felt, launching them into a terrifying ordeal as their liner flipped over off the coast of Italy. “We heard a loud rumble, the glasses and plates fell from the tables, the ship tilted and the lights went off,” said passenger Luciano Castro, describing the first moments after the giant liner Costa Concordia hit a rock. For the 1,000-strong crew of the Costa Concordia, a floating resort that boasted seven restaurants, a dozen bars and the largest spa and biggest cinema ever built on a cruise ship, it was a routine trip conducted throughout the year. But there was confusion that turned quickly to panic and chaos after the shock was felt among the passengers and the army of waiters, musicians and entertainers on board.Yahoo! News

Photos from rvongher, Nephelim and Alessandro Corradini.

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Start the New Year Fresh!

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Cleaning Supplies

This year is going to be big at Flickr! In the coming weeks and months you will see significant updates to Flickr’s user experience, new features and offerings across devices. Our goal is to build a gorgeous, intuitive, and truly beautiful experience for you, your friends and your photos.

To do this, we are starting 2012 with a renewed sense of focus. This means discontinuing certain features that are not core to our product or that haven’t resonated with you. Since the upcoming new experiences will either require, or work significantly better, with modern browsers, we will also discontinue supporting some of the older browsers that only a very small percentage of people are using with Flickr.

In terms of “New Year’s cleaning” here are the things that will go away:


In a few months we will be moving away from Picnik. We know that you love editing your photos on Flickr and this transition doesn’t, in any way, mean that there will no longer be editing capabilities. It’s actually quite the opposite: we are working on making the editing experience even better on the site. We know you care about speed, simplicity and quality and this is exactly what we are working to provide you with.

More on this soon, but we can’t wait to show you what we have in store!

Photo Session

Photo Session is a feature that offered a real-time way to share photos with other people in a browser, with no additional apps to install. The feature had been developed as a technology showcase, but has not seen the user adoption we were hoping for. The feature will be turned-off by March 20, but we will continue to use the technology in other parts of Flickr. For example: Go to on your iPad or iPhone, open the full-screen lightbox view and experience the performance and pinch-to-zoom in the browser – it’s just one place where we are using the technology that was developed for Photo Session.

Flickr Clock

We removed the Flickr Clock from the Navigation late last year. We created the clock to gather visual, video (or “long photos” as we like to call them) moments in time from around the world. It’s a pretty little thing, but its user experience is complicated and it’s not core to our product offering – so we’re going to say goodbye. (Pssst… You can still see it here for a few more days.)

Flickr for Windows 7 Slate PC’s

While we continue to build the best photo sharing app for Windows Phone, we made the decision to discontinue its Slate counterpart. We see great traction with the Windows Phone app and are going to continue to release frequent updates, but the Touch-PC version of the Silverlight App will not be supported after March 20.


The Flickr API fully supports oAuth, which is already used by hundreds of Flickr apps, but there are still some apps that use the old authentication system, called FlickrAuth. We are asking all developers to move over to the new standard bu July 31. There is a related blog post on this topic on our engineering blog

As mentioned above, we will also stop supporting two of the earlier browser versions:

Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.6

For both of the browsers we are seeing a very small percentage of people using them and as of today people with those browsers will see an “update” message to encourage the download of the latest browser versions. This does not mean that IE7 and Firefox 3.6 users will experience problems using the site today, but the features and experiences that we will be releasing this year may not be supported on these browsers. For many reasons, foremost security, we encourage everyone to use the latest browser version on their devices.

We’re excited about what this year has in store for Flickr. With this renewed focus, we can bring more fun and meaningful Flickr features and experiences to you! Expect to see the first start rolling out in the coming weeks, with many more over the course of 2012.

P.S.: If you want to help build new photo sharing experiences, we are hiring engineers!

Photo from the woodstove.

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A fishy tradition

Fish drying, Lofoten

fish in the sun =

Fish drying

Fish drying in the sun

Poissons séchés

Klippfisk, Bacalhau, Katsuobushi, Vobla,… These names represent just four examples of a tradition that has been kept up for centuries in many regions of the world.

The above photos are a small choice of the works of many members documenting the process of drying fish, helping us witness the differences and similarities of procedures across the globe.

Photos from theycallmefred, dabeiramar, Last Known Location, antoine jomand, and hjordisv.

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Vancouver Polar Bear Swim

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Vancouver Polar Bear Swim 2012 |

            2012-01-01 Polar Bear Swim 2012 027.jpg        2012-01-01 Polar Bear Swim 2012 026.jpg        2012-01-01 Polar Bear Swim 2012 025.jpg

Polar Bear Swim 2012

Stewart Douglas  Kelly Clarkson!

2012 Vancouver Polar Bear Swim-24.jpg

For the 92nd year the citizens of Vancouver gleefully jumped into the Pacific Ocean at the start of the year. To see more of the festivities check out this search.

Photos from scout.magazine, janheuninck,and jonsomers2003,, and kwazy.

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Orange Blue

orange & blue study # 2

Orange & Blue with N95   Confetti

Africa - Namibia / Sossusvlei / ナミビアで死んでいる木

Phones   Contrasts

Windmill I

orange and blue is a group dedicated to the sheer endless combinations of orange and blue. You can find architecture, food, people and many more photos with this special color combination right over here in the group pool. Enjoy!

Photos from sedge808, nattu, debby19, Rudi Roels, _YoYoH_,, and Slowtron.

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No Pants Subway Ride 2012

Pantless Diva


Grand Central #NPSR

No Trouser Day

The Pantless and the Panted Ride Together    1201-NoPantsAZ-177


This past Sunday the No Pants subway ride started by Improv Everywhere went global and there are photos from no pants [slightly NSFW] subway, lightrail, and tube rides from all over the world (and some from other worlds) on Flickr.

Photos from darango, Fred Dunn, SpecialKRB, Richard Walker Custom Bikes, nooccar, domichal, and bhautik joshi.

Lastly, well played sir!

No Pants Subway Ride San Francisco 2012: support

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Surf Life

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Inside Deal

Maui Surfer

Jaws D

KJELL LINDER shares amazing photos of surfers on Maui beaches. See more in his Surf Life set.

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On Location in L.A.

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Beverly Hills Cop

Planet of the Apes

Demolition Man


Malcolm in the Middle


Catch Me If You Can

The set On Location in Los Angeles presents us the atmospheric, beautiful, and interesting spots that helped make many Hollywood dreams come true. From Charlie’s Angels over Beverly Hills Cop, JAG, Malcolm in the Middle, and Catch Me If You Can to Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Planet of the Apes, T Hoffarth took photos of many of the famous but hidden Hollywood locations.

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