You shot a Roll in a Day

Chilling with the Roof Down

Photo15_18 Into the Distance

Roll in a day shot 6 - Tow Away Cherry Blossom, Lewes Road, Blackbird Fly 007_7

03-24-2012-17 Produce ~ The Village Market ~ Howell, Michigan


If you’ve been following us closely, you have seen our excitement about the Roll in a Day project. Now that the first developed films are rolling in (couldn’t resist the pun), we hope you will enjoy browsing the contact sheets and sets as much as we do!

Especially if you missed Roll in a Day this time, go ahead and cast your vote in the poll on how frequently you would want to shoot a roll in a day and if there should be a theme going forward.

Photos from Josh_Wolf, Evansshoots, metavida, Arachide, rob orchard, l.attitude, vanezia, Trish P. – K1000 Gal, and penguinova.

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Inspired by Panem

Welcome to the Hunger Games

Tribute from District 11 

Let the 74th Hunger Games begin!

Suzanne Collins’ books about Katniss Everdeen’s adventures in the fictional world of Panem are an inspiring source for many of you. Above are just some samples of your works that we found in the Hunger Games search results.

Photos from Jeannette Rose, Twig Capra, and katie.leighton.

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Up and Down

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Kelp Forest



Photos from lar3, Fab. B, paraclafoto.

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Picture yourself with Madonna

We wanted to take a moment to highlight a fun Yahoo! Music sponsored group that opened up today for all you Madonna fans asking you to Picture yourself with Madonna.


Upload a picture of yourself with the cover of Madonna’s new album MDNA for a chance to win special VIP tickets. The tickets will put you in the pit at one of her shows. These tickets are for fans only and can’t be purchased. Winners will be selected at random from the pool.

Get creative and show them you’re a fan!

No purchase necessary. Contest is open to legal residents of the 50 United States & D.C. (excl. FL & NY), Puerto Rico, Canada (excl. QC) and the United Kingdom 18, or the age of majority, whichever is older, at the time of entry. Ends April 23, 2012. Please see Official Rules for complete details.

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The Wembley Way

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The Wembley Way

"The waves of passion – 80,000 football fans streaming out of Wembley stadium towards the underground station after the England vs. Holland game."

Photo from optickarma

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Your Favorites Samplr

Yesterday, we asked you to share your justified Flickr Favorites pages with us. Below is a selection of the ones submitted so far:


Favorited by m+b



Favorited by Kimb0lene



Favorited by faygate



Favorited by elgourmet



Favorited by emma du pille

Want to share some of your faves with the Flickrverse? Send a tweet to @flickr with the hashtag #myFlickrFaves.

Photos from (1:) Fotobes, slimmer_jimmer, patorayado, yOuKfOu, ale2000, saviorjosh, (2:) bansfan, Robert-Paul Jansen., Mark B. Imagery, DollyArt, JayJay Klees, Daniel Borg, Gallery32/ Trina Baker, 30milesapart, Lindsey Thompson (Lindsey76), Reservoir_Dan, (3:) ennyBunz, Jhascrapmom, Valette, Perry McKenna, metró, evilibby, dailyweekley, demandaj, Vicky Eastwood, (4:) MOSTAFA HAMAD I PHOTOGRAPHY, Jay Daley, Fotos Gov/Ba, linus_lohoff, Benji Chan, Aydаr, rion, Βrandon, DinosaursAreNotDead, (5:) Miles.Photography, The 10 cent designer, the cheshire smile, n.white1, blažena, *6261, doublecappuccino, Nikole Herriott, Nicole Franzen Photo, Isabel Alcalá, and Robby Mueller.

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Your Favorites Page – now with Justified View!

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We’ve promised some big changes this year and we’re keeping our word. A few weeks ago we announced a new look for the Photos from your Contacts page and your feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Mostly, what you’ve been telling us is “we want to see this layout on other pages. Now!”

So today we’re happy to announce that the Justified View is coming to your Favorites.

“Go check my Favorites page, it’s awesome!”

Do you ever find yourself saying that? We do! It makes perfect sense that we all love our individual Favorites pages, after all it’s the page on Flickr where you get to handpick all the photos that mean something to you, whether it be photos of family or a stunning photo that you discovered in Explore. So it’s excellent that from now on, you’ll be able to experience your (and other people’s) Favorites page with even more gusto, using the Justified View, voilà!

As with the Photos from your Contacts page, the roll out will be gradual, but is likely to be very fast. If you don’t see it right now, check back again shortly, it’s on the way.

We working very hard to bring this layout to other pages you care about soon. In the meanwhile, have fun with it! Please keep sharing your feedback and let us know if you encounter any bugs.

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Still Wonderful

Silent Butterflies



Photos from aniatot, Angie Tanksley, t does wool….i do, and Belén Villanueva. Inspired by the gallery Still Wonderful curated by msjunior.

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Flickr activities around the world

All over the world, Flickrmeets are taking place and we want to take this opportunity to highlight some of them taking place today and in the next couple of days.

Film rolls collector

"One day. One roll. A window into your world through film. 24, 36, 10 or 12 shots."

But first of all, let us direct your attention to a group project that came to our attention through the Flickr Stories post last week: Roll in a day / A day in a roll will kick off this very Saturday, the 24th of March.

Tonight, if you’re in Hampshire, you can join the Star Trails Meetup in Chineham. Friday, Flickr members in France meet in Lille.

So get your analog gems ready and take part. We’re already very excited to see the results trickling in once the films are developed and uploaded to Flickr.


when you wish (upon a star) Lille vue du ciel

Kuala Lumpur Tiltshift

Aberdeen sunrise Shenyang

Then on Saturday, the early birds of the Scottish Meet Ups group are organizing a sunrise meet. Later in the day there’s the Lunch meetup in Kuala Lumpur, another in Shenyang and a Nature Walk in Twinsburg (OH) and another Meet in Pasadena (CA).

Day 259/365 ~ Shyness is Nice and Shyness Can Stop You from Doing All the Things in Life You'd Like To

And last, but not least, on Sunday we’re very excited about the Flickr Instant Camera Photo Walk in San Francisco. Of course you are also welcome if you cannot call an instant camera your own to hang out with fellow Flickr members, grab some schwag and chat about all instant photography.

Photos from Ronironic, manyfires, Xavier Cloitre, donglejitter, chrisj_abz, arndalarm, and Amanda Mabel.

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… while autumn finds its way

Autumn Vine leaves

Autumn  Beautiful Autumn  Autumn Berries

Se viene el otoño..

… while the Southern Hemisphere is greeted by autumn’s beauty.

Photos from BattysGambit, Justine King, aussie julie “Julie Holland photography”, aussiegall, and Ova61.

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