Introducing all new up-to-date Maps

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For us, a photo is more than the image itself. One of the most powerful pieces of information you can add to an image is where in the world it was taken. While Flickr has some of the most powerful tools for geotagging your photos, we wanted to make sure that the quality of our maps meets our high standards.

Today we are happy to introduce all new maps to Flickr.

Dar es Salaam

First, we’ve partnered with Nokia to bring you their map style and satellite images. Whether you’re geotagging one of your photos, discovering places, or simply want to see where other people’s amazing images were taken – you’ll see up-to-date maps from one of the largest and best mapping providers in the world. Our new maps will provide you a much greater level of detail and let you zoom in much further than before.

Second, we continue to work with the Open Street Map (OSM) community and automatically provide OSM map tiles for areas where commercial maps don’t have full coverage. One amazing thing about Flickr is that you travel all across the world and take photos. We need to have the best maps – even in the most exotic places – and partnering with the OSM community allows us to give you high quality maps everywhere.

The new maps are available for everyone as of today. For more information about maps and geotagging check out our handy list of FAQs, and please let us know if you see any bugs or have feedback to share with us.

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The US Supreme Court Rules on Health Care


Students for Life 

Supreme Court's Decision on the ACA

In a victory for President Barack Obama, the Supreme Court upheld his signature health care law’s individual insurance mandate in a 5-4 decision, upending speculation after hostile-seeming oral arguments in March that the justices would overturn the law. The mandate has been upheld as a tax, with Chief Justice John Roberts, a Bush appointee, joining the liberal wing of the court to save the law. – Yahoo! News

Flickr members at the scene are sharing their photos of this historical moment.

Photos from rwreinhard, Kristina_Hernandez, Noah Scialom, and Senate Democrats.

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There is a group for this


fearless house keepers defending their home at the roof

Perro en la Alhambra

doggy bliss on a roof

Ringo on the Roof

Here at Flickr we know that there is a Flickr group for almost everything you can imagine. But even then, sometimes it’s nice to read what others are discovering. Like rfizzle’s tweet the other day highlighting the Dogs on Roofs group.

There is a @Flickr group dedicated to Dogs on Roofs I don’t know why I’m surprised, but some of the shots are incredible

And to prove the point, here are some other, more quirky ones like Stuffed animals lashed to truck radiators, What’s that in your fridge?, or the Show Me Your Keys group. If none of that is your cup of tea, go discover one of the other hundreds of thousands of groups and contribute a photo or two.

Photos from MilkaWay, Lalallallala, jugarporjugar, potomacpix, and ex_magician.

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Flickr-Meetups in Dresden and Munich

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Flickr Treffen Oktober 2010

Join us for our next two official Flickr Meetups in Germany. This Sunday, 6/24, we’ll start with a photo walk through the Hechtviertel in Dresden. We’ll meet at the Bischofsplatz tram station at 3pm.

the biergarten

On Tuesday, 6/26, we’ll be in Munich looking forward to have a good German beer and pretzels with you. Come join us at 7pm in the Wirtshaus am Bavariapark beergarden to talk about photography, Flickr, and what’s up next.

If you’re in the area and can join us, please RSVP on the respective MeetUp page. See you soon!

Photos from realname and missis_jones.

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Easy Flickr Photo Sharing with Yahoo! Mail

Today the Yahoo! Mail team launched a new Photos app within the mail experience that integrates your photos from Flickr. As a Yahoo! Mail user in the US, sharing your Flickr photos just got faster and simpler: You can see and select photos from your photostream and share them via email without ever leaving Yahoo! Mail. You can browse through all of your photos or select specific sets. Before selecting, you can view your photos in a dedicated lightbox view. Yahoo! Mail will handle different privacy-types and attach Flickr guest passes to non-public photos so that recipients of your email can seamlessly enjoy your photos on Flickr.

Easy Flickr Photo Sharing with Yahoo! Mail-06-21 at 2.24.22 PM

The new Yahoo! Mail Photos app also lets you share photos that are not on Flickr yet, via Flickr. You may have a lot of photos in your Sent folder that you’ve shared with people before, but had not yet uploaded to Flickr. With the new feature, this will only take you moments and Yahoo! Mail will help you to upload them to Flickr, organize them into Sets and send them out to more people if you want to. For people that don’t have a Flickr account yet, they can create one on the fly, directly from Yahoo! Mail.

If you are a Yahoo! Mail user in the US, you should head over and check out the new Photos app in the lower-left side on Yahoo! Mail. The Yahoo! Mail Blog also has more information for you.

Let the sharing begin!

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The Castle of Boldogkővár

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Boldogkőváralja huszar torony

Boldogkői vár DSC_1175 Boldogkő vár (Hungary)

The castle of Boldogkővár

Explore the mysterious Boldogkőváralja Castle in Hungary.

Photos from mArcellvAgyok, Roland_78, Csaba_Bajko, and lefthandgergo.

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Moby on LA Architecture


You know him as a DJ and musician, but Flickr member Moby is also a passionate photographer – someone who’s been in love with cameras from the age of 10, having grown up around film and darkrooms. Since the beginning of 2012 he’s had a fascinating series of strange and beautiful architecture photos from around Los Angeles, published in his set “LA Architecture” and on his dedicated blog.

a rare oscar neimeyer designed round spaceship building


The 1883 Magazine recently shot a five minute video with Moby explaining his passion for LA architecture and his motivations. Watch the clip below and then head on over to Moby’s photostream.

All photos from Moby.

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“Sometimes I’m still that little girl”

365 Days Project - Day 8: Sometimes, I'm still that little girl

1981, 2007

Then & now


Me then, me now

There are many hidden treasures all around us. Some are easy to find, and for others it takes some time to find them. Whether they are hidden in those shelves in the basement or in the boxes in our parent’s basement that we had always planned to go through "the next weekend". Once we find them though, they open the door to an amazing journey into the past, giving us the wonderful gift of remembering and sharing the excitement with our friends and family.

Photos from { karen }, bijouxdejais, ingridesign, mickeyjohnson, and Girl_On_E.

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Moonrise Kingdom

the Gang


Last summer, Flickr member ANTWRANGLER shot these stills out in Rhode Island for Wes Anderson’s new film. More of them in his set Moonrise Kingdom.

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There is a cathedral sitting in a tree

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The Minister's Tree House, Crossville, TN

Minister's Tree House The Treehouse from the Side

The Minister's Treehouse

In the early 1990s, Horace Burgess started to build one of the largest tree houses in the world. The structure is over 100 feet tall and was completely built without blueprints over the span of about 15 years. If you’re around Crossville, TN you should check it out – The Minister’s Tree House is open to the public.

Photos from berlyjen, Chuck Sutherland, kristin_sweeting, and seduffel.

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