Japanese Manhole Covers

Ikaruga town, Nara pref manhole cover(奈良県斑鳩町のマンホール)

 Tsuruga Fukui manhole cover (福井県敦賀市のマンホール)   Fujiyoshida,Yamanashi manhole cover(山梨県富士吉田市のマンホール)   Minoh City Osaka pref manhole cover(大阪府箕面市のマンホール)   Osaka city,Osaka pref manhole cover(大阪府大阪市のマンホール)

Kobe Hyogo manhole cover 3 (兵庫県神戸市のマンホール3)

 Kinosaki town, Hyogo pref manhole cover(兵庫県城崎町のマンホール)   Kumamoto Kumamoto pref,manhole cover (熊本県熊本市のマンホール)   Matsumoto city, Nagano pref manhole cover 2(長野県松本市のマンホール2)   Takamatsu Kagawa manhole cover(香川県高松市のマンホール)

Flickr member MRSY has collected a fascinating set of Japanese manhole covers. You can explore over 250 of them on a map! Can’t get enough? There’s an awesome Flickr group dedicated to manhole covers around the world (with over 15,000 photos!) and another group specifically about Japanese manhole covers.

All photos from MRSY.

Posted by Phil King