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Posted by Daniel Bogan

The Midwest: A Gathering of a Lifetime

flickrville 2012

A few days ago, a very special Flickr Meetup, organized by Ethan Eugene Coverstone and David Talley, took place in the Midwest, to be exact in Indiana.

Kicking it off

The whole meetup plan started during the summer of 2011 when Ethan and David became friends through Flickr, Facebook and eventually via text. After a bit of back and forth, their idea developed, and they decided that inviting some people and having a camping adventure at Ethan’s parents’ farm in northern Indiana in the summer of 2012 was the way to go.

Indiana Rob. Brave

The farmland consists of 79 acres of forest, rolling fields, swamps, a creek, barns, sheds, and even a cabin buried in the woods. Nearby there are many lakes and some abandoned buildings, including a factory, amongst other interesting locations.

READ THIS! FO SHO! "To bring people in who might be interested", Ethan says, "I uploaded this image to my Flickr stream (ridiculous though it is). We had been talking about the gathering for quite a while on Facebook, where all of our planning took place: we had flight lists, driving schedules, menus, lists of props, etc. Other than that, it was pretty organic! People would message me and ask if they could invite a friend, a sibling, or even a whole group!"

Ethan tells us that the group of photographers started small, at around ten people until it ballooned to 27 people! He admits that his parents, at first, were a little nervous to host that many people, but ultimately they became an essential part of the gathering: "They were fantastic. They helped making food, moving props, and even finding awesome places for us to shoot at!"

Getting together

The Fire Within Us

"An average day for us at the meetup was to wake up by 5am to catch photo opportunities at sunrise, sleep for a few hours, eat lunch and rest during the heat of the day, swim at the lake, and then photograph all afternoon and through sunset. We usually stayed up late each night and talked around the fire or just hung out together. Everyone functioned on just a few hours of sleep each night as well."

One of the many highlights of the meetup was visiting an old factory that, over the course of its life, has produced ketchup, pickles, bombs for the war, and has also plated metal parts. The group of avid photographers jumped in a few cars and drove to the factory’s downtown location. The building is now in a severe state of disrepair, but trailers and RVs are sometimes parked inside.  Luckily, when the group arrived, it was empty, and they were able to explore the whole place!

Untitled The End.

"We also were within walking distance of an old barn that is falling apart, and, even though it was over 100° (37°), we marched through corn fields to get to it.  We found an old abandoned truck left rusting in the forest, a semi trailer, the barn itself, and all kinds of interesting pieces that we used as props for our photos. The barn will most likely be demolished within the year, because the property was just sold by a local farmer to the National Park Service." So this group of Flickr members may have been one of the last documenting the special scenery with their photography.

Clothed In Freedom

Another highlights of the trip was the lake that the photographers swam at when it got unbearably hot – the temperature spiked to almost 105° F (40.5° C) during the gathering.  Ethan’s family friends own a spot on a nearby natural lake that is beautiful and clean.  He tells us that they jumped off the raft, swam, and even photographed in the lake on a few different days.

An experience of a lifetime

Midwest Gathering Outtake

"Overall, this was an experience of a lifetime.  I know I am not the only one who would say that this group is more than just a bunch of photographers; we are all a family.  It may sound sappy, but I grew closer to those 27 people in a few days than I could have ever imagined.  We haven’t even been able to stop communicating online about our inside jokes and about all of these wonderful pieces of art that we have created.  We are already planning ways to meet up in the upcoming year, including something over New Year’s Eve.  I can’t imagine not having these people in my life anymore, and I honestly can’t wait to see where these friendships and connections take each and every one of us."

R1-01736-0009 R1-01735-017A

"Thanks so much to Flickr for bringing out the artist in all of us and bringing a group of goofy misfits together."

You can get more impressions from the gathering, in the Midwest Flickr Meetup 2012 group, David Talley’s blog post, or through this behind-the-scenes video by Digital CLR.

Photos from Evan Blaise Walsh, David Patrick Talley, Brad Daley Wagner, Ethan Eugene Coverstone, Digital CLR, Sarah Ann Loreth, joshuamalik, Shane Michael Black, and Taylor Marie McCormick.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen

Feeling Blue at the Beach

Also available in: Deutsch

Le temps des vacances

Beach people

marine rothko, la jolla shores beach

Photos from telomi, coffee with sugar, and pripat91.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen

Flickr photo sharing in OS X Mountain Lion

Also available in: Deutsch, Français

Flickr Sharing in OS X Mountain Lion

With today’s release of Mountain Lion for the Mac, sharing to Flickr just got so much easier! A new ‘Share’ button lets you post directly to Flickr from your desktop – you can even set the photo’s title, description and the privacy level.

Read more on the OS X Mountain Lion product page – and happy photo sharing!

Posted by Markus Spiering

2012 Tour de France

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peloton going up the Citadel de Namur

White Jersey signing Yellow one

Tour de France, Stage 18

Tour de France à Namur

Tour de France, Stage 20   Bradley Wiggins (GBr) Sky Procycling

The 2012 Tour de France wrapped up over the weekend on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France with Bradley Wiggins named the first ever overall winner from Great Britain. The race covered nearly 3,500 km (2,173 mi) in 20 stages – traversing Belgium and France through cities and lush countryside, mountainous stages the Alps and the Pyrenees, and finally the traditional ending in the capital. Congrats to Wiggins and all the riders who amazed us with another incredible Tour!

You can read more about this year’s Tour de France on Wikipedia.

Photos from Keith McInnes, kristof ramon, BMC Racing Team, Jean-François Chamberlan, and Sjar Adona.

Posted by Phil King

Cool off!

Swampy Photographer — 1970

jump in the pool

It’s the weekend, and it’s hot. Don’t just sit there, cooking in your own juices. Find somewhere wet, and jump in!

Photos from Brian R Bielawa, Kleidoscope, ***anahita, ElectroSpark, ichikawatakashi, and Viktor gårdsäter.

Posted by Trevor Hartsell


Also available in: Français

1973 Ford Granada GXL.

Swamp TV.

old can of jotun

late night shopping

US Highway 385

One person’s trash is an other’s neat photo. The RUSTY and CRUSTY, Seaside Decay, Junk, Scrap or Surplus – as found have some great odds and ends to forage through.

Photos from Stuart Axe, James Good, lomokev, mugley, Junkstock

Posted by Eric Gelinas

All the comforts of home

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Welcome to my Humble Abode

Caravanserai 2

What would Anasazi think?

Red and white travel trailer

Did you say biscuit ???

Camping is one of the best parts of summer. Hop in an airstream and hit the road to a beach or national park. Visit the YourCampsites group for inspiration. Bring pets!

Photos from cassandra.stemler, Robert Kaczynski, GwenDeanne, Lost America, oldmantravels, 2composers, and BurnThePlans.

Posted by Eric Gelinas

The colorful world of bikes

Sunny Bike Rack


Punk'd out bike racks


Grip Rings

Blue frames locked to pink bike racks. Red grip tape on a green handlebar with an orange chain. The world of biking provides endless opportunities for expression.

Photos from Adrienne Johnson SF, wiiiiktor, naromeel, ByronF, and Mission Bicycle

Posted by Eric Gelinas

Historic Gardens of America

Mrs. Eldridge Merick Fowler house, 363 Grove Street, Pasadena, California. (LOC)

Matching the season in the Northern Hemisphere, the Library of Congress has just uploaded a new set of rarely before seen works by American photographer Frances Benjamin Johnston (1864-1952): Gardening in Color.

Fannie, as she was also called, was one of the earliest female photographers in the United States. She traveled the U.S. and Europe to capture the beauty of gardens and homes of wealthy families of the Western world.

"Glenn-Orr," William Meade Orr house, 500 North Vega Street, Alhambra, California. (LOC)  Turtle Bay Gardens, 227-247 East 48 Street and 228-46 East 49 Street, New York, New York (LOC)

Guided by her formal training as a fine artist, Johnston had more than 1,130 of her black-and-white photographs reproduced as lantern slides. She wanted those hand-colored miniatures on glass inspire people who attended her lectures to "green" their own environments by planting gardens—be it a small city backyard or a formal estate.

Laura Stafford Stewart house, 205 West 13th Street, New York, New York. (LOC)

The whole Gardening in Color set features a stunning 459 photos so far, including famous locations like The White House.

This is your chance to contribute to The Commons on Flickr and show how your input and knowledge can help make the curated photo collections even richer. Do you know what these gardens and estates look like today, or if this unidentified house is really in New York? Share your thoughts photos of what you find in the comments. – The Library of Congress looks forward to your feedback.

Photos from The Library of Congress.

Posted by Kay Kremerskothen