Moon shots


Sandal Castle moonlight at dawn 2

Moon on Horizon  Moonrise over Cabbage Tree Point

Moon lovers, take in the top photo of the Botafogo harbor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s downright gorgeous: the trimaran centered on a reflected shaft of moonlight, hills lightly speckled with streetlights, and the smooth, glowing sepia tone enhanced by wiggling masts on sailboats. It’s simply an awe-inspiring night shot.

But Rio, as you might have guessed, isn’t the only place to brilliantly capture the moon and its surroundings. The other pictures here are taken at the Sandal Castle in the U.K., off the coast of South Korea, and Cabbage Tree Point in Queensland, Australia.

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Photos from Alan Seabra, Paul Curnin, polargrape, and Rebecca Demler.