Pink photos for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Congresso Nacional / National Congress - Brasil

The Church in Faskrudsfjordur - Fáskrúðsfjarðarkirkja

Gateway Arch

Pennsylvania State Capitol complex   121014-N-SO729-575   SAU_4722   Pink Duckmarine

While exploring October photos, we noticed a prevalence of pink on monuments, vehicles, and clothing — all in support of the global campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The statistics of breast cancer are staggering: It accounts for almost a quarter of invasive cancers inflicting women, and over 200,000 women battle the disease every year in the United States alone.

Explore a few of the many cancer-fighting organizations on Flickr: Avon Walks, Breast Cancer Fund, Canadian Cancer Society Ontario Division, and Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Photos from Francisco Aragão, *Jonina*, kielman316, smoove_1, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Saulo Cruz, and Thomas Kelly 48.